After the Dark: Bioshock Infinite
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Season 53
People 11
3 / 11
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After the Dark: Bioshock Infinite is the fifty-third season of After the Dark.



Survivors Edit

Person Skill Vigors Status
Engineering ShockJockey DevilsKissOldManWinter
ReturnToSender Charge
Navigation ShockJockey OldManWinter
Ironsides MurderOfCrows
Large 1709160
Stealth PeepingTom UndertowReturnToSender
Charge ShockJockey
Large 1718192
Scouting PeepingTom ReturnToSender
Chapter 9
Eaten alive by crows
Engineering DevilsKiss ReturnToSender
BuckingBronco OldManWinter
Chapter 7
Burned alive
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.20.03 PM
Scouting Possession PeepingTom
Chapter 7
Burned alive
Gun expertise PeepingTom Deceased
Chapter 7
Engineering DevilsKiss Ironsides Deceased
Chapter 6
Shot by Damiensburg soldier
Dakota Finland
Scouting Possession Deceased
Chapter 6
Shot by airship pilot
Gav (3)
Lockpicking PeepingTom Deceased
Chapter 4
Shot by mechanised patriot
Sean the Artic Fox
Lockpicking None Deceased
Chapter 4
Killed with Devil's Kiss



Person Age Profession Vigors Status
Fran 33 Bounty hunter DevilsKiss Possession ShockJockey PeepingTom Survived
Allen 36 None None Deceased
Chapter 10
Throat slit by Fran
Charles 35 Bounty hunter DevilsKiss Possession ShockJockey PeepingTom Deceased
Chapter 9
Shot by Jon Damien
Ebon 45 Airship pilot None Deceased
Chapter 3

Liberum CoetusEdit

Person Age Profession Vigors Status
Alice 28 Rebel leader None Unknown
Hans 63 Clockmaker None Unknown

Damiensburg GovernmentEdit

Person Age Profession Vigors Status
Jon Damien 49 Leader All Deceased
Chapter 9
Eaten alive by crows
Rose Lamar 61 Factory Owner None Deceased
Chapter 4
Shot by Basty

Skid RowsEdit

Person Age Profession Vigors Status
Seraphina 28 Rebel DevilsKiss Deceased
Chapter 7
Shot by Damiensburg soldiers

The PastEdit

Person Age Profession Status
Sophie ?? ?? Unknown
Edd ?? Soldier Deceased
Chapter 10

Gallery Edit


Vigor Effect
Devil's Kiss
Hurl balls of fire at your enemies.
Posses most enemies.
Shock Jockey
Hurl electric crystals at your enemies.
Peeping Tom
Turn invisible for short periods.
Old Man Winter
Freeze your enemies.
Turn your skin to iron for short periods.
Turn your arms to water tentacles for short periods.
Return To Sender
Return bullets to whoever fired them.
Bucking Bronco
Throw enemies in the air and leave them hanging there.
Charge forward at incredible speed.
Murder Of Crows
Summon a pack of crows to attack your enemies.


  • Chapter 1 - The Escape
    • After having been imprisoned and experimented on for years, Jonas is finally rescued by a man and a woman: Fran and Charles. A pilot, Ebon, is also with them. They explain Jonas that they are there to rescue whoever was kept locked up in the Damiensburg Tower, and discovers that ten other people are also being kept there. Fran, Charles and Ebon give the ten subjects a gun, a skyhook and a choice of four vigors: Devil's Kiss, Possession, Shock Jockey or Peeping Tom. A large group of soldiers approach. Jonas and Fran defend the entrance, while Ebon and Charles rescue the ten other prisoners. One of the enemy soldiers yell to Fran, Charles and Ebon, telling them to surrender since the prisoners are dangerous. They refuse, and start fighting the soldiers. Jonas and Fran manages to kill a handful of soldiers together, Jonas using his new Devil's Kiss vigor, while the others make their way down to them. Using his new Peeping Tom vigor, Nicolai manages to get up to Jonas and Fran without being seen. The three of them meet up with Charles and Ebon, as the soldiers are approaching them. Nicolai and Cryo both take use of their new vigors, killing a few soldiers. Dakota, using his Possession vigor, possesses one of the few remaining soldiers, who comes under Dakota's control. The possessed soldier shoots the other soldiers before killing himself. After the fight, everyone notices that everyone else looks familiar, as if they have met somewhere before. None of them can remember anything from before they were imprisoned though. Basty and Nicolai search the room for anything useful, and find a foldable rifle. Fran explains that herself and Charles were sent to rescue whoever was locked up in Damiensburg Tower, and in exchange their debt would be wiped away. Ebon announces that more soldiers are approaching the tower, and that they should get out before they arrive. They leave, seeing that the city they are in is located in the sky. They follow Ebon to where the airship is, and on the way they come upon a tear: a window to another world. Their airship is occupied though, by six soldiers, all using the Shock Jockey vigor. They discuss whether to find a new airship or fight the soldiers on their current airship. An announcement is made to the entire city, claiming that the eleven escapees are very dangerous. Fran questions whether or not they should have accepted the job to break them free. Dakota and Medha both use Possession to possess two of the enemy soldiers. The two possessed soldiers each kill one of their allies before they are killed themselves. The remaining two manage to stun Dakota using Shock Jockey, while Medha gets to cover. Basty uses Peeping Tom to get close to the two soldiers. Cryo helps Fran, Charles and Ebon shoot at the remaining soldiers, while getting Dakota way from the Shock Jockey crystal. They eventually kill one of the remaining soldiers, while Basty surprises the last soldier and kills him. They then get onto the airship, as they see enemy airships approaching in the distance. They hide as a turret automaton begins firing towards them, but the turret does manage to kill Ebon, shooting him in the head. This means that they are without a pilot, causing the airship to crash. It starts crashing towards a museum, but on the way they cross an odd tear. Even though nobody has ever been able to use the tears for anything, they decide to try and jump through it. And as Medha proceeds to do so, she notices that she can grab both sides of the tear, and while jumping through it, she opens the tear. Everything turns grey for a few seconds, and then everything turns back to colour. They are no longer crashing, but are instead docked at a factory. And Ebon is alive again, but clearly not well. He is sitting on the floor, rocking back and forth while staring ahead at nothing. Fran breaks the silence, by asking what just happened.
  • Chapter 2 - Spare Parts
    • After going through the tear, the airship is no longer working, having been shot at by the turret automaton. Charles tries to find out what is wrong, since Ebon is in no condition to help out. Eventually, Charles discovers that they need four things to get the airship working again: a custom-made cogwheel, a roll of copper wire, a winding key and something to cool the engine. They start by using the city's skyline to get to a clockmaking shop. By that shop, they discover that the Damiensburg soldiers are fighting rebels of the Liberum Coetus, the rebels being inside the shop. Nicolai uses his Peeping Tom vigor to sneak inside without being seen, and makes a deal with Alice, the leader of the LC. He promises her that himself and his group will pledge their allegiance to the LC and kill Rose Lamar. At the shop is also a clockmaker, Hans. Meanwhile, the rest have made their way to a dockyard, where Dakota possesses a Handyman. The Handyman is only under Dakota's influence for a few seconds though, but that is enough for him to kill the soldiers present at the dockyard. The Handyman then charges the group. Nicolai has left the clockmaking shop at this point, and meets up with the others. Nathaniel attempts to use Shock Jockey to stun the Handyman, but without success. They all get onto the skyline, and splits up after a short while. Half of the group enters a workshop, where they ask for a winding key. The mechanic inside wants money in exchange, though the group has none. Dakota offers guns in exchange for the key, but this only makes the mechanic suspect that they are members of the LC, as civilians would have no reason to have guns. Nathaniel, Basty and Sean leave and get back up to get the copper wire. Dakota ends up shooting the mechanic and grabs the winding key they need. He then runs away, leaving Jonas and Sarah behind. This allows the soldiers to capture them, knocking them out and dragging them away. Dakota meets up with Nathaniel and the others though, and together they continue up to the clockmaking shop where the LC rebels have won the fight against the Damiensburg soldiers. Nathaniel and Dakota are introduced to Alice, who tells them that Hans can help them with the cogwheel inside. Nathaniel and Hans begin constructing it. Dakota speaks with Alice in the meantime. Meanwhile, the other half of the group has been shocked off the skyline by the Handyman. They land on a flat roof, with a hatch at the other end of the roof. The Handyman is between them. Cryo uses Shock Jockey to briefly stun the Handyman, as they all make it to the hatch. They get open the hatch, but doesn't have enough time for everyone to get down. Andrew uses his Devil's Kiss vigor to make the Handyman fall off the roff, allowing himself and Cryo to enter the attic of the building with the rest. Here, they discover that they are in the attic of the vigor factory. Cryo goes downstairs and finds an abandoned office, which seemingly hasn't been used in years. Inside, he finds a bottle of the Old Man Winter vigor. They leave the building, the vigor with them. Cryo decides to drink it, gaining the powers of the Old Man Winter vigor. As they make it back to the others, Hans and Nathaniel have finished production of the cogwheel, making them ready to get back to the airship. They have promised Alice to kill Rose Lamar, in exchange for the cogwheel. At the airship, Charles manages to use the new parts to repair the airship, but a series of Damiensburg airships approach them, telling them to surrender. However, a man is standing by a tear smiling at the group. He gives them a thumb up, awaiting a response. Cryo nods in response, and the man rips open the tear. Everything turns grey as the tear is opened, and they then find themselves in the air on the airship, no enemies anywhere near them. The man introduces himself as Allen.
  • Chapter 3 - Tears
    • After bringing the group through a tear, Allen explains that tears are windows to other worlds, and that the people in the group (minus Fran, Charles and Ebon) used to be able to travel through worlds and manipulate tears. He goes on to explain that their powers to do this were siphoned by Jon Damien, but that they can still open existing tears and bring things through them. This is dangerous though, as it might result in conflicts between the worlds, which is what happens with Ebon. Since Ebon was dead in one world and alive in another, he enters a state of flux, traumatised and unable to function properly. He also mentions that both himself and Jon Damien are able to travel through worlds like that. He then disappears, leaving the group to figure out what to do. Cryo asks Charles about the man who paid Charles and Fran to get them, which makes Charles hesitant. They eventually decide to follow through on their promise to Alice, and heads for the Lamar Factories to kill Rose Lamar. Once there, they notice that the LC appear to have control of the factories. Nicolai uses the radio he got from Alice to contact her. The group, except Ebon, make it up to meet with Alice. Most of the LC rebels have been killed in a shootout with a mechanised patriot. Nicolai brings a turret automaton through a tear, while Nathaniel, Cryo and Andrew use their vigors to attack the patriot. Cryo joins the LC rebels in shooting at the rebels, and together they manage to kill it. They make it up to Rose Lamar's office, but finds that she isn't there. Alice says that she plans to attack the Damiensburg Capitol, and requests the help of the group. They agree to help her, and make their way to the capitol. Here, the LC rebels are already in the process of fighting the soldiers, who is equipping two mechanised patriots and a handyman. The rebels are outnumbered. There is a nearby tear, which Nicolai opens. Jonas and Sarah are brought to the rest of the group, as they all find themselves in a world where the LC controls Damiensburg. Ebon's brain couldn't handle travelling through so many worlds, and the flux kills him. It is taking a strain on Sean and Gavin too. Alice is at the entrance of the capitol building, waving the group inside to follow her, to kill Rose Lamar.
    • Jonas and Sarah were taken captive, and wakes up in the room in which they've always been experimented on. Jon Damien is there, and explains that since they now know too much, he has to siphon the last bit of energy they have in them. The machine starts up, and Jonas attempts to shoot a fireball at Jon Damien. Jon Damien's Ironside vigor prevents that. Jonas manages to use his Devil's Kiss vigor to kill the soldiers in the room. He threatens the scientists, but Jon Damien just tells them to hurry up the process and kill the two. He leaves the room, but Jonas' threats were successful and the scientists hand them the key to their locks in exchange for their lives. They escape, killing a guard on their way out. Using the skyline, they make it a plaza which is being cleared of civilians. They hide in an alley. When Nicolai opens a tear, Jonas and Sarah are brought to the rest of the group.
  • Chapter 4 - Rose Lamar
    • The group enters the Damiensburg Capitol with Alice and four LC rebels. The rebels quickly clear out the large lobby, then head upstairs. Fran and Charles are outside, mourning Ebon's death. This leaves the group alone in the lobby, and they immediately head to the room handling the platform's floatation. Inside is a huge machine, and with knowledge on engineering, Nathaniel figures out that the machine is keeping the platform they are on afloat. With no enemies inside, they instead head to a conference room. Here, they find a very unexciting broom closet, and a door leading to a slave holding chamber. They hear soldiers on the other side of the door. Enzo and Sean open the door to shoot at the soldiers. They see two soldiers on a catwalk above the slaves, with three soldiers standing directly in front of them. All three are holding bottles with Devil's Kiss. Enzo kills one before he drinks the vigor, while the other two drinks it. Enzo kills another though, due to his gun expertise, but the last soldier drink the vigor and fires a fireball at them. This injures Enzo, as he gets burns on his face and chest. Sean is hit with the fireball directly, which sets him ablaze, eventually killing him. Sebastian and Nicolai both use their Peeping Tom vigor to enter the room quietly. Sebastian is hit by a bullet, grazing his shoulder. The shock of getting shock removes Peeping Tom from Sebastian, causing him to be left vulnerable in the open, in the middle of the room. Nicolai manages to find cover and kills the soldier using Devil's Kiss. This leaves the two soldiers on the catwalk, above the slaves, both aiming at Sebastian. Nathaniel uses his Shock Jockey on one soldier, and the shock makes him drop his gun into the slave pit below. A slave gets hold of the gun, and uses it to kill the soldier. As Sebastian shoots the other soldier in the leg, Cryo also uses Shock Jockey on that soldier, causing him to get stunned. This allows Sebastian to get in an undisturbed shot, killing the soldier. Nathaniel drinks the bottle of Devil's Kiss vigor dropped by the soldier. They free all of the slaves. As Sebastian questions one of the slaves, the slave becomes upset with his history: Rose Lamar had taken him and his family as slaves, and later on killed his family. He routs the other slaves to follow the group on their quest. Alice says that she's found Rose Lamar, and wants the group to come join her, and also wants them to free all of the slaves. Fran and Charles enter the room, saying that they will take care of the slaves on the condition that they all leave Damiensburg after taking the capitol. Nathaniel accepts that deal. Charles and Fran move on to free the slaves, followed by the one hundred slaves the group just freed. The group then head upstairs to Alice, who explains that Rose Lamar is inside the room they are at, and that she does have two mechanised patriots inside. They enter the room, entering Rose Lamar's large office. On either side of her desk is a mechanised patriot. Rose Lamar empties her gun magazine as the group enters, killing the two unnamed rebels in the process and injuring Gavin and Andrew. Nathaniel manages to get a Shock Jockey crystal to penetrate her stomach, though this causes her to turn on the patriot. Sebastian then shoots Rose Lamar, killing her. Medha and Dakota grabs the injured Gavin and Dakota, and they all escape the building. The patriot is right behind them, and Gavin is shot in the side of his stomach, but they all make it outside. As they get out, and are prepared to face the patriot, they instead see Allen leaving the building. Allen explains that he's taken care of the patriot, and hands them the address to Jon Damien's location, in case they want to go there. Nathaniel asks Allen who he is, but Allen says that he will explain it all later. Alice then offers them an airship, on the condition that they pick up one of her friends who is being chased by the police. She is in Skid Rows, the poor quarter of Damiensburg. Jonas accepts the keys to the airship, and they get into the airship, deciding to help Alice's friend. On the way, Gavin bleeds out from his injuried, after not receiving any kind of medical care. At the Skid Rows, they arrive at an abandoned baker's shop, where they are given access by a paranoid man. He lets them in, after hearing that they are with the LC and just killed Rose Lamar. They let them in, and an impatient Seraphina follows them to the airship as they head off to Portland.
  • Chapter 5 - Leaving Damiensburg
    • As the group leaves Skid Rows on airship, Fran and Charles reveal that they took the job to free the group to erase their debt. Not a financial debt, but a debt to karma, as they've done a lot of bad things. The airship stops, as the Shock Jockey generator breaks down. Charles says that they also need to find a map, so that they can actually find their way to Portland. Seraphina says that they can find a generator at Fun Facility Plaza, and a map with a cartographer named Ivy in Skid Rows. They head to Fun Facility Plaza first, finding a large amusement park-like plaza, with game booths and a ferris wheel. The generator is at a gondola, a large airship used as transport. Seraphina says that she knows a way through the sewers, to get across the heavily guarded plaza. Andrew and Jonas, who both know how to take apart the Shock Jockey generator, goes with her through the sewers. Here, they get separated from her, but quietly makes their way through the sewers. Upstairs, Nicolai uses his Peeping Tom vigor to explore the plaza, and finds several tears. As Basty decides to shoot at the soldiers, revealing their position. This causes all soldiers and a Handyman to move towards the booth. Dakota, Basty and Sarah flees, running towards the sewers. Nicolai takes advantage of the chaos to hide in a vigor demo booth, where he finds a bottle of Undertow, which he drinks. He immediately uses this to kill a soldier, though this does cause the soldiers to switch their attention to him. He brings an automaton through a tear, which kills four other soldiers. The Handyman destroys the automaton, and returns to the ice cream booth, where Nathaniel, Cryo, Medha and Fran are surrounded by soldiers. Nicolai hides in a booth. Meanwhile, Andrew and Jonas have run into sewer people, who were awoken by the gunfire above them. They manage to escape the sewer, and Seraphina then destroys the exit, preventing the sewer people from following them. Jonas explains Seraphina about tears, and then him and Andrew follow her to the gondola where they take apart the generator. The fighting is still going, with Dakota, Sarah and Basty having been ambushed by sewer people. Dakota uses Possession on one of the sewer people, causing two of them to fight. Another stabs Sarah in the stomach, then slits her throat. She then begins eating Sarah, cutting off small chunks of her. Two of the other sewer people tackle Basty. One of them begins eating him alive. Meanwhile, the possessed sewer man is killed by another sewer man, who is now headed towards Dakota. The same is the woman with the knife and one of the Basty's killers. The three of them jump onto Dakota, and the woman stabs him in the throat, killing him. By the ice cream booth, Nathaniel, Medha, Cryo and Fran uses their vigors to kill the soldiers surrounding them. Nathaniel uses Shock Jockey to stun soldiers, allowing Medha and Fran to kill them, while Cryo uses Old Man Winter to freeze them. As Medha shoots a frozen soldier, he shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces. Medha proceeds to possess a soldier, which makes a good distraction, allowing them to kill the remaining soldiers. The Handyman follows them, as they flee the booth. Nathaniel brings a bottle of Old Man Winter through a tear, and the four of them run towards a tear, from which they bring out a crate of rifles. They shoot at the Handyman, but he is too tough and fast for them. Jonas and Andrew finish disassembling the generator, and makes their way off the gondola. From there, they can see the Handyman chasing their four friends. Jonas opens a tear, which brings them to a world where the entire Fun Facility Plaza has been set on fire, and all soldiers and the Handyman are dead. However, in this world, Dakota, Sarah and Basty weren't killed by the sewer people, but killed them instead. This means that the three of them are in a state of flux, as explained by Allen, who appears to drag them out of the sewers. He explains that he doesn't know how to get them out of this state of flux, but that from now on, whenever they go through a tear, they never know whether they are dead or alive in that world. They all get onto the airship, which is docked by the gondola in this world, dragging the three people in flux with them. They then leave Damiensburg, using Cryo's navigational knowledge to find the way to Portland.
  • Chapter 6 - A Long Way Down
    • The airship gets to the ground, by the use of Cryo's navigational knowledge. Here, Charles lands it at the outskirts of a small village. Himself and Fran go to the village to get supplies for the remainder of the trip to Portland. Nicolai, Basty and Seraphina leave too, to check out the village's tavern. Here, Nicolai uses some of the very little money they have to buy himself a drink, which turns out to be a Return To Sender vigor. Basty, Nathaniel and Andrew also drink this, gaining the vigor as well. Meanwhile, Dakota moves to another docked airship and starts looking around in it. This angers the owner of the airship, who was sitting in a tent nearby, able to see Dakota do this. Assuming that Dakota was trying to steal, he threatens him with a shotgun, and has a villager call for the Damiensburg police. Cryo approaches the airship too, which angers the man even more. Dakota and Cryo try to talk to the man, but eventually the man has enough and kills Dakota. Cryo uses his Old Man Winter vigor to freeze the man's shotgun, then shoots him in the head. He makes it to the tavern, as two airships of Damiensburg soldiers land. Upon spotting Jonas standing on the deck of the airship, they kill him. Medha and Sarah are also on the airship, but hiding. Before the soldiers can get to the group's airship, a villager informs them that the group are in the tavern, and the soldiers make their way to it. This allows Fran and Charles to get to their airship and fly to the back of the tavern to pick everyone up. Nicolai and Cryo decide to hide behind the bar, while the rest escape through the backdoor. Nicolai uses Peeping Tom to get out, while Cryo simply runs for it. Cryo is shot several times, but eventually makes it to the airship withe everyone else. They then leave for Portland, where Seraphina stays on the airship while the rest go to the man who hired Fran and Charles. They enter a gloomy alleyway, where they enter a door and find Allen inside. Allen explains that he was the one who hired Fran and Charles. He reveals that Fran and Charles are actually his parents, then goes on to say that the eleven people who were imprisoned in Damiensburg Tower are different versions of himself from other worlds. He explains that Jon Damien wanted their powers, and brought them all to this world so that he could siphon their powers and gain them for himself. Allen has been trying to end the reign of Jon Damien his entire life, and that this is his eighteenth attempt at this plan. He says that they have to kill Jon Damien, but first they need their siphoned powers back. They get that by destroying the machine that siphoned them. They also need more vigors, which they get from the vigor factory. Nathaniel, Nicolai, Basty and Andrew asks some questions, and Allen says that if killing Jon Damien in this world doesn't end up working, he has a last resort, but does not want to reveal what it is. He then says that they should all get going. Seraphina knows someone with information on Jon Damien's location, so they go back to Damiensburg to find that person. That person reveals that he is at the Barracks, but first they need to get their powers back and find more vigors.
  • Chapter 7 - The Siphon
    • The group head to the Vigor Factory, which is very quiet. Fran and Seraphina keeps guard outside, while everyone else enters. The lobby has three doors: two large doors leading to respectively a storage facility and production facility. Then there is a smaller door, behind the lobby counter. The group enters this door, finding a hallway with offices and access to the production area of the factory. Nathaniel and Nicolai, followed by the rest, enters the storage facility where they find numerous crates with vigor bottles. Allen says that they should be careful, as nobody knows what happens if you drink too many vigors. They all drink some more vigors, as they explore the factory. Basty finds a tear, and Nicolai brings some crates through it. In one crate, they find a machine gun. They hear Fran yell something, and run outside, escaping as Damiensburg Soldiers approach the factory. They make their way to the Damiensburg Tower, where Nicolai tries to get a hold of Alice. In the world they are in, Alice does not appear to know who he is, but Nicolai begins to explain the situation. Meanwhile, the rest of the group enters the Siphon Room, where they find that they have to unplug two cables and shoot the machines to destroy it. They kill two scientists as they enter. As they move over to unplug the cables, they are ambushed, having walked into a trap. Seraphina is shot and killed, but Allen opens a tear to save everyone. Sarah dies, unable to cope with jumping through the many tears. Nathaniel, Cryo, Nicolai and Basty are back on the airship outside, along with Fran, Charles and Allen. Basty is bleeding from his ears, still in flux. Medha and Andrew are strapped to chairs inside the Siphon Rooms, and Jon Damien orders his scientist to overload the machines and siphon all of their energy. Feeling it necessary to kill themselves to save the rest, Andrew uses Devil's Kiss to burn himself and Medha alive. This causes the soldiers and scientists in the room to run away in panic, while Jon Damien stays in the room, upset at his staff. Allen has Fran and Charles destroy the Siphon, giving back Nathaniel, Cryo, Basty and Nicolai their powers to travel through worlds. Jon Damien then escapes, and the group sets after him.
  • Chapter 8 - The Chase
    • The four remaining members of the group follow Fran and Charles as they run after Jon Damien. Allen appears to have disappeared. They follow Jon Damien out onto a large plaza and then into an opera. Here, Jon Damien is ready to fight. He opens several tears, bring out soldiers and a fireman. Nathaniel and John deal with the soldiers using their vigors, while Fran and Charles shoot at the soldier instead. The fireman is trickier though. They attempt to slay it using Old Man Winter, but this simply melts the ice from the vigor. Seeing them struggle, Jon Damien leaves the room, leaving them fighting the soldiers and the fireman. Using Undertow, Nicolai manages to disable the fireman from using Devil's Kiss. The fireman is strong, breaking the tentacles from Undertow, though too late. John manages to kill the fireman, and the group run after Jon Damien. Jon Damien sees them as they try to ambush him, and he opens a tear, taking them to a 'Silence Factory', where Boys of Silence are made. Boys of Silence are soldiers with a trumpet-like brass helmet on, alerting dead soldiers in other worlds when spotting enemies. To avoid these Boys of Silence, Nathaniel creates a tear, taking them to a small office, overlooking the Silence Factory. Fran kills the soldiers in the room, as Jon Damien escapes out onto the roof of the building. The group follows, and Jon Damien then tells them to prepare to fight.
  • Chapter 9 - Death of a Tyrant
    • The four members of the group, as well as Fran, Charles and Allen again, are on the rooftop with Jon Damien. Damien fires a fireball at them, by using Devil's Kiss. This knocks out Allen. As Charles tries to shoot Damien, Damien uses Return to Sender to turn the bullet around and hit Charles in the shoulder. Nathaniel and Nicolai attempt to limit Damien's movements with their vigors, but are unsuccessful to do any damage to him. Damien brings out a number of soldiers from a tear, and Fran says that she and Charles will take care of them. One of the soldiers shoot Charles in the same shoulder he was just shot in. Nicolai then attempts to blind Damien by using his Undertow tentacles. This works momentarily, allowing Nathaniel to send a Shock Jockey crystal to stun Damien. Damien evades it with his Charge vigor, but this causes him to move to the edge of the rooftop. Nathaniel pushes him off the edge, but Damien uses Undertow to grab Nicolai and John, making them fall down with him. Before this, Damien sends a flock of crows to attack Basty, who is eventually eaten alive by the crows. Falling from the roof, Damien, Nicolai and John pass a skyline. Damien and John both grab it with their skyhooks, while Nicolai uses Undertow to get a hold of the skyline. They all make it back to the rooftop, where Fran and Charles have killed off all the soldier brought through the tear, though Charles has now also been shot in his stomach. John sends a flock of crows to distract Damien, and while Damien is distracted with that, John throws a Shock Jockey crystal to stun him. This works, causing Damien to get exhausted and too weak to continue fighting. John moves over to him, and Damien informs him that he can't stop him: killing him does not stop him. Charles then tries to shoot Damien, but Damien uses his Return to Sender vigor, sending the bullet back at Charles, killing him. John uses Murder of Crows to have the crows slowly kill Damien. After Jon Damien has died a painful death, Allen explains that they have to make sure that Damien will not exist in any world anywhere. To do this, they have to find a 'constant' - something that is the same in every single world. But first, he wants to show them parts of their lives, by taking them through a few memories.
  • Chapter 10 - Death of All Tyrants
    • Allen brings them through a few key points in their life. First, they enter a military obstacle course, where a friend named Edd is running through the course. Nicolai enters the memory, running along with Edd. Edd apologises for dragging Nicolai into doing the course, especially as it's raining and late at night. There is a sergeant behind them, but they can't hear or see him after a short while. Nicolai tells Edd to not worry about getting dragged through the course, and Edd is appreciative. As they get to the scaling wall, Edd fails to scale it, falling into the mud. He considers just giving up, but Nicolai convinces him to try again. Edd does so, and succeeds. He gets to the top of the scaling wall, but the structure collapses. Nicolai gets out of the way, but Edd falls down with the structure. His leg is broken and covered in heavy wooden beams. Nicolai runs for help. Allen informs that Edd survived and recovered, and that they were close friends. He brings them to another person they were close with: their girlfriend, Sophie. They are walking down a street in Portland. John enters this memory, and Sophie asks what he wants of the future. John says that he hopes to be successful and able to provide for their future family. Sophie likes the answer, then says that she would like to live in the sky. She informs that a technology allowing that had been made possible, and asks John what he thinks of that. John says that if she likes the idea of that, he could be convinced to join her on that. She proceeds to asks him to marry her, and John says yes. Allen then informs them that they got drafted into the war a year later. The next memory has Nathaniel sit next to Edd and another soldier during a war. They are being fired at, and the unnamed soldier suggests running for a nearby building. Nathaniel agrees, but Edd asks him to wait a second. The unnamed soldier doesn't wait, and is shot dead by the enemies. Edd and Nathaniel run to the building while the enemies are changing their magazines. Nathaniel is shot in the shoulder, and drop to the ground, forced to crawl the rest of the way. Edd provides cover fire, and is shot several times in the process. Edd says that he will stay providing cover, despite Nathaniel 'leaving him' behind at the obstacle course. He argues taht Nathaniel has a family and Edd has nobody, so him dying wouldn't be too big of a loss. Nathaniel gets to safety, followed by Edd. Edd has been shot several times, and Allen informs that he did not survive. They then all enter an office, where Rose Lamar is talking to someone in an empty chair: she is talking to them, as one of them will have to enter this memory. Rose Lamar says that she has the technology to make cities fly, and wants to do so in order to literally go above the law. She wants to make her own laws, but does not want to be the ruler. She suggests that they take on that job, and reveals that the eleven initial prisoners, and Allen, were the same person as Jon Damien. Allen says that in order to end all of the suffering caused by Jon Damien, they have to end it here, as this is a constant: this event happens in every single world there is. He says that one of them has to enter the memory and be killed by Fran. Fran is hesitant, but Allen insists that this is the only way to end it. John volunteers to do it, sitting down. Allen hands Fran a knife, and she walks over to slit John's throat. Allen moves over, grabbing John, telling him that since he's the reason they were all dragged into this, it's only fair that he goes through this pain. He sits down, and Nathaniel, Nicolai and John watch as Fran slits his throat. And as Allen dies, Nathaniel, Nicolai and John fade away, no longer existing. Fran is left on the floor of the office, with a bloody knife and the corpse of her son. Now all alone, she cries silently as soldiers enter the room.


  • Choosing to recruit Seraphina allowed the group to skip a large fight in Chapter 5. This fight was ultimately triggered anyway, with Basty revealing the group's hiding spot.
  • Choosing to recruit Seraphina also allowed the group to know about Jon Damien's location from an acquaintance of Seraphina's. They would otherwise have had to explore Skid Rows for a reliable source.
  • Had the group not followed through on their promise to Alice, they would not only have been fighting Damiensburg soldiers, but also the LC rebels.