After the Dark: Occupied
Yevgeny Khaldei - Reichstag After Fall of Berlin - 1945
Season 48
People 14
Situation War crimes
Ruins Group
3 / 7
Van Group
4 / 7
Series Chronology
Previous Season Bloodsport
Next Season Stranded

After the Dark: Occupied is the forty-eigth season of After the Dark.




Ruins GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Traits Status
Large 1691690
25 Libarian Is very persuasive Survived
29 Knacker Knows how to hot wire a car Survived
27 Car mechanic Boxes in the underground betting places Survived
Mangatar BridgetteLotte
Peppermint Princess
32 Tarot Reader Has a criminal record Deceased
Shot in the neck.
Day 10.
Dakota Finland
36 Politician Is very stealthy Deceased
Torn to shreds.
Day 8.
42 Enigneer Builds tree houses for orphans Deceased
Day 7.
47 Candy shop owner Is a popular radio guest Deceased
Blown up.
Day 4.

Van GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Traits Status
38 Archeologist Has advanced knowledge on ancient weapons and how to craft them Survived
21 Student Parkours in her free time Survived
47 Math teacher Hunts in his free time Survived
37 Petting Zoo Owner Has a degree in psychology Survived
23 Sculpturer Serves in the army Deceased
Torn to shreds.
Day 8.
33 Midwife Practices martial arts Deceased
Torn to shreds.
Day 8.
44 Barber Volunteers at the local sport club. Deceased
Shot through the head.
Day 7.


Ruins group Edit

Picture Person Age Profession Traits Status
Corrie 28 Pilot Got her flying brevet a few months ago. Survived
Karel 19 Student Is a sports fanatic Survived
Freeya 26 Teacher Has advanced knowledge on several subjects. Deceased.
Shot in the head.
Day 10.
Allard 64 Doctor Has Parkinson's disease Deceased.
Day 7.
Anja 17 Cashier Has an obsession with the Dutch Islands Deceased.
Day 7.
Frits 55 Farmer Fought in World War I Deceased.
Day 7.

Van Group

Picture Person Age Profession Traits Status
Helena 32 Office Worker Is quite mysterious Survived
Sharon 39 Singer Has international succes Survived
Marco 33 Bus driver Is quite mysterious. Deceased.
Shot through the head.
Month 6.
Eric 25 Radio host Knows how to set up frequencies Deceased.
Shot through the chest.
Month 6.
Anton 47 Cook Has several connection high up into the government. Deceased.
Shot through the chest.
Day 7.
Mona 45 Receptionist Was attacked when she was young. Deceased.
Day 7.

Other NPCSEdit

Picture Person Age Profession Traits Status
25276532 706433519563757 1473158621 n
Abraham 26 Soldier Has an extreme good aim Survived
Jan 36 Farmer Has a weapons arsenal Survived
Mark 6 Student Survived
Franka 8 Student Survived
Ilse 35 Housewife Is great in hiding Deceased
Throat slit.
Month 6.


Day 1Edit

  • War has ravaged large parts of Europe.
  • The group of strangers wait for their turns in the Rotterdam City Hall.
  • Nathaniel asks the reception for a permit to go abroad. The lady who is later revealed to be *Mona gives Nathaniel his forms to fill in.
  • Jayme threatens Michael and scares a woman in the process who proceeds to walk off.
  • Jayme decides to explore the City Hall and quickly finds the Radio station. Dani quickly follows him.
  • Jayme enters the radio station, only to push Dani in instead. Dani manages to trip and cause a major mess in the studio.
  • The Radio host, later known as Eric, calls for security. As he does this, Jayme flees. Jayme ends up in the sports school.
  • Nicolai quickly goes to check out the noises from the radio station.
  • Eric quickly puts his show of air, as his guest, Sharon, is comforting Dani.
  • Nicolai notices Dani’s mess and decides to not go there.
  • Dara stares out of the window, revealing dark and gloomy weather.
  • Dakota tries to get information out of Mona. He fails.
  • Nicolai finds the doctor’s office.
  • Blaine follows Eric who is mad. He is also quickly impressed when Blaine can name some of Sharon’s songs.
  • Dakota checks out the Radio station.
  • Blaine gets introduced to Sharon who is still comforting Dani.
  • Nicolai gets diagnosed, he is in need of tubes.
  • Jayme hides in a public toilet, he is however quickly found by Nathaniel who quickly leaves again.
  • Nathaniel visits the kitchens where he meets Anton.
  • Dani and Blaine start rivalry for Eric. Eric quickly shushes Blaine as he starts talking during a performance by Sharon. He however quickly apologizes after the performance.
  • Dara, Sharon and Dani bond some more.
  • Everyone starts bonding with the NPCs.
  • Blaine puts out his lighter, causing the fire alarms to go off. He drenches Dani, Dara, Sharon, Eric and himself.
  • At the same time, people start to notice that the city is being bombed.
  • Everyone takes cover while being bombed.
  • The survivors group up and start discussing what to do next. Marco quickly reveals he has a van. The group however has to split up. They vote.
  • The group is separated in the follow groups:
    • Van group: Marco, Helena, Mona, Anton, Sharon, Eric, Dara, Danielle, Nathaniel, Hickman, Asa, Mikey, Gavin
    • Ruins group: Frits, Allard, Anja, Corrie, Freeya, Karel, Dakota, Fitz, Blaine, Trent,, Bridgette, Nicolai, George
  • Within the Ruins group, Blaine finds a knife and tries to slit his own throat. Freeya stops him from doing so.
  • Anja suggest they should move away from the ruins
  • Jayme suggests finding a vehicle. Everyone seems to agree, however, no vehicles are found nearby
  • The group finds a bombed store, Dakota manages to retrieve a map.
  • The group decides to walk towards Gouda.
  • The group quickly finds a small town that was not destroyed in the bombing.
  • Blaine tries to attack a God and is quickly struck with a sharp pain in his chest.
  • The group crashes in a deserted house.
  • Within the Van group, Marco guides everyone to his van. They find it with great succes
  • Dani is attacked by a spider.
  • The group starts travelling towards Delft, where they quickly arrive.
  • Delf is deserted
  • Everyone gets out of the van
  • Asa retrieves a bike, Dani manages to find some food in a restaurant. Anton and Nathaniel finds knives.
  • Mona reveals her gun to saddened Dani.
  • Gunshots are heard.
  • Asa and Henry bike off. They however falls as the group runs past them.
  • Asa gives the bike to Henry who quickly bikes off back to the van.
  • Marco is revelead to be injured.
  • Asa is being shot at. She however manages to dodge any attacks, using her parkour skills. She dives into an alley.
  • Helena starts driving and quickly picks up Asa.
  • A bullet is shot in the van's back.
  • The group starts discussing their situation.
  • The group decides they should move to the Veluwe.