After the Dark: Outlast
Season 45
People 22
Situation Escaped psychiatric hospital patients.
Airport Group
4 / 8
Motel Group
2 / 7
Diner Group
1 / 7
Series Chronology
Previous Season The Deluge
Next Season Zero Escape
After the Dark: Outlast is the fourty-fifth season of After the Dark.




The Airport GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
47 Film Producer Used to be alcoholic;
Has a daughter in Central London.
66 Judge Has his own TV show. Survived
28 Archaeologist Believes she can speak to animals. Survived
22 Antique dealer Knows how to read morse code. Survived
19551038 269110193558373 78016585 n
"Miguel E."
16 Street Entertainer Is deaf in one ear. Deceased
Day 11
Stabbed by Fatima.
Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.17.41 PM
47 Police Officer Has been a suspected member of the Mafia. Deceased
Day 9
50 Ship Builder Knows martial arts. Deceased
Day 7
Ripped apart by Lurker.
55 Optician Knows alot about the paranormal. Deceased
Day 4
Shot by man.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Davey 48 Air Traffic Controller Survived
Daisy 20 Nurse James' daughter. Survived
Toby 8 Student Deceased
Day ??
Blood loss.
Samantha 7 Student Deceased
Day ??
Killed by The Husband.

The Motel GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
58 Unemployed Homeless;
Is very strong.
Mangatar FatimaSage
Peppermint Princess
"Sister Fatima"
28 Mathematics teacher Has over 15 million youtube subscribers. Survived
18 Painter Is an arsonist. Deceased
Day 14
28 Animal Breeder Suffers from Prosopagnosia. Deceased
Day 14
Ripped apart by Lurker.
48 Nurse Participated in the TV show Big Brother. Deceased
Day 12
Head trauma.
27 Bus driver Carries pepper spray everywhere. Deceased
Day 8
Succumbed to burn wounds.
59 Tour guide Is a lesbian. Deceased
Day 5
Decapitated by Patient.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Grace 21 Unknown Is Sabrina's sister. Survived
Pope 6 Dog Is a dog;
Found by Fatima.
Joe 71 Retired Married to Glen. Deceased
Day 7
Burned to death.
Sabrina 17 Student Is Grace's sister. Deceased
Day 6
Stabbed by Fatima.
Glen 60 Motel Owner Married to Joe. Deceased
Day 3
Stabbed by Patient.
Drake 32 Tattoo Artist Has asthma. Deceased
Day 3
Stabbed by Patient.

The Diner GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
19621385 249902968826833 447192442 n
32 Preist Walks with a limp. Survived
Sole Survivor Francesca Hogi
64 Glazier Part time actor. Deceased
Day 11
Shot and Stabbed by Ivy.
39 Baker Used to be a prostitute. Deceased
Day 11
Stabbed by Joan.
My manga
"Miguel D."
43 Circus Clown Claustrophobic. Deceased
Day 11
Shot by Joan.
Sean the Artic Fox
17 Florist Needs to take daily medication. Deceased
Day 8
Succumbed to burn wounds.
19397183 1349078521854497 6605796406816992425 n
35 Travel Agent Can't swim. Deceased
Day 5
Blood loss.
14 Student Has a higher than average IQ;
Owns a Chihuahua.
Day 3
Blood loss.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Pablo 43 Doctor Unknown
Paula 38 Nurse Unknown
Steven 49 Diner Owner Short tempered. Unknown
Alice 21 Office Worker Deceased
Day 13
Succumbed to gunshot wound by Joan.
Mikey II 3 Dog Is Mikey's dog. Deceased
Day 5
Put down by Miguel.
George Unknown None Patient at London Asylum. Deceased
Day 3
Peter Unknown None Patient at London Asylum. Deceased
Day 3

Other NPCsEdit


Person Age Profession Note Status
The Bride Unknown None Patient at London Asylum.
Named "Tiffany" by Joan.
Henrietta Unknown None Patient at London Asylum. Survived
Wessy Unknown None Patient at London Asylum;
Friend of Henrietta.
The Husband Unknown None Patient at London Asylum. Unknown
Lurkers Unknown None Patients at London Asylum. Deceased


Person Age Profession Note Status
Officer Glynn Unknown Soldier Unknown
Unnamed Girl Unknown Soldier Deceased
Day 9
Throat slit by Lurker.

London, EnglandEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Priest Mid 50's Priest Deceased
Day 7
Shot by Joan.

Farms, LondonEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Haley 28 Preschool Teacher Is very smart. Deceased
Day 14
Ripped apart by Lurkers.
Yasmin 37 Pharmacist Is Darren's sister. Deceased
Day 14
Ripped apart by Lurkers.
Richard 70 Zoologist Owns a farm. Deceased
Day 14
Ripped apart by Lurkers.
Darren 27 Janitor Is Yasmin's brother. Deceased
Day 14
Ripped apart by Lurkers.
Andrew 2 None. Deceased
Day 14
Ripped apart by Lurkers.


Day 1Edit
  • The Diner Group are inside a diner. A television which is in tells them how attacks are happening around London and to stay inside. Mikey pets his dog while the people around him insult it. Miguel takes a chair to smash the glass to get access to a fire extinguisher. The owner of the diner, Steven, yells at him for being so reckless. Steven threatens to throw Miguel and Mike, who begins threatening him, out. Mike spills the trash on the floor and Miguel threatens Steven with a piece of glass. Steven ends up throwing them out despite Miguel's sob story about Sean's medication. 
  • Miguel, Mike and John leave the diner and they head into an apartment building, knocking on the first door they come across. There's no answer so they go to the other apartment and are reluctantly let inside by a girl named Alice.
  • Ivy tries to convince Steven to let her check the kitchen for medicine, but he doesn't know what medication he needs. Ivy, Sean and Mikey go to a store down the street while Ali runs to catch up with Miguel's group.
  • A group of boys yell at Ivy, Mikey and Sean as they go into the store. They manage to get food and water and return to the apartments to meet up with the rest of the group.
  • Miguel freaks out Alice by getting a little too close. The group try and use her computer but can't log in without the proper password. On the news, the feed is interrupted by screaming. John looks for knives with Alice and he asks her if she has any information.
  • Miguel, Ali and Mike go back to the previous apartment and break inside. They can see a shadow at the end of the hallway. Miguel throws a knife at them and the person yells at them to get out. Miguel pees on the man's floor before leaving. Ali stays behind and approaches the man, who is about to attack him. Ali escapes just in time.
  • John gets mad at Miguel for leaving Ali. Alice gives in to the group's requests to use her laptop and she logs in. She reads the news, which reveals thirty-two people have already died of severe wounds. Mike and Miguel, although previously obsessed with finding out how to get into Alice's laptop, abandon that plan to begin having sex in Alice's bedroom, although Miguel stops before they can do anything. They stay inside Alice's apartment for the night.
  • The Airport Group are inside an airport terminal in the centre of the city. Julia looks outside to see what's happening, she can see police officers discussing something outside. Joan watches the news, which talks about "coordinated" attacks happening in London. Julia and Joan decide to go have drinks at the bar. They hear a loud rumble and outside the window, they can see a plane attempting to take off. The wing smashing into the side of the building, causing it to collapse slightly. A group of civilians decide to leave the airport, which causes a fight between the police and them at the door. The Airport Group decide to leave through a side door, heading out to the tarmac.
  • Joan finds an airport employee and demands they take them to somewhere safe. The guy doesn't know where to go and Joan demands directions to the air traffic control tower. The man takes the group there and they come across a worker, Davey, who doesn't seem that interested in the crisis or his job. Joan critiques Davey several times. Joan looks out the window to see the group he had been with earlier fighting with the police, he spots a man watching over the fight and Joan grabs binoculars to investigate. He sees the man is covered a little in blood around the collar of his shirt and hands. Joan tells Davey to look but he doesn't have much reaction. Nathaniel interrupts to recall Joan's face from TV. The group spots that the area where the plane had crashed into was now on fire. The group decide to stay inside the tower overnight. 
  • The Motel Group have a quiet morning. Fatima starts vlogging her day and Dani decides to play with the pool table in the staff room. A man throws a brick through the front window and prepares to throw another one when he runs away from something up the street. Kim looks to see what it was but she can't see anything anymore. Fatima breaks a chair to board up the window and locks the front door. Kim finds a map. The group decide to stay in the motel overnight.
Day 2Edit
  • The Diner Group wake up in the apartment, they can hear yelling coming from outside. Sean looks out to see what's going on and he can see people running around and fighting, a man yelling as he swings a bottle at someone. Sean checks for any fire escapes, but finds none. He tries to turn on the TV and the lights but realises the power has gone out. Mike wakes up and gets ready for the day, checking to see if Alice's laptop is on, but it is not. Ali cuddles with Miguel, Mike is angered by this. Miguel feels like Ali has taken advantage of him. John goes out the front door and finds a sock lying on the ground, he begins leaving the apartment building to see what's going on outside. He comes across a man stabbing another with a knife. Mike begins gathering food together as the group begin to leave the apartments. John sneaks up behind the man but he turns around, getting stabbed in the arm by John. The man's face is fat and full of spots and swells. John and the man get into a knife fight, which ends in John's shoulder being injured and the man being stabbed through the throat. Miguel asks Alice if she has a car, but she tells him she doesn't drive. The group plan to leave the city and decide to do so through the subway systems. They firstly go into a supermarket and pick up new weapons and then head to a nearby subway station. The subway is very dark and although Alice begins to have second thoughts, the group enter. They can barely see but with the help of Alice's laptop's light they manage to read a map and make their way west through a tunnel. They keep walking until they see a light up ahead, which splits into two. Thinking it's a train, the group jump to the side however they see that it's actually two men with flashlights who offer them a safe place to stay. 
  • The group, after a small disagreement that seems to come out of nowhere, split up. Ivy, Sean and John head with the men while the rest of the group continue to the next station, where they stay for the night. The men lead Ivy, Sean and John to a room with a large hole in the ceiling, there's a fire burning in the center and the walls are lined with five feet tall metal boxes. The group sleep in the room for the night along with the two men.
  • The Airport Group wake up in the tower. Joan scouts the area with the binoculars and sees blood and bodies on the floor from where the fight happened yesterday. Nobody can access the internet. Joan yells at Davey, again. The group decide to leave the airport and head towards a nearby school. At the school's front doors, they can see a woman kneeling on the floor, as they get closer they can see she's crying about children and how somebody took them. Joan begins talking to the woman and she tells him that he can be her new husband. The group go inside the school, the woman with them. Joan asks where the children are and she leads them to a door which has been barricaded from the inside, she begins crying, saying the children are afraid. Joan and The Bride begin looking around the school, she leads him towards a small bathroom which she takes him inside. Nathaniel finds a piece of paper and begins writing notes to the people inside the classroom. The people inside tell him he should go and that it's not safe. Joan asks what the Bride's name is, but she doesn't remember. He decides to rename her Tiffany. Tiffany suggests that they should get married in the bathroom, which Joan eventually agrees too after her insisting. The group gather food and water they find and decide to stay overnight in the school. Tiffany mentions how when her other husband comes back he's going to be really mad with Joan, which gets the group nervous. Joan gets disturbed as Tiffany tells him more and more about her past with her husband. The group decide to stay inside a classroom for the night.
  • The Motel Group hear a small riot going on outside. Dani finds a radio and flicks through the channels, listening to some cool jazz until she finds a station where two people are broadcasting. The woman on the radio says her address and asks for help, which is close by to the motel.
  • Fatima, Kim and Dani head out to find food and break into a store where they find food and water. Fatima finds a key and unlocks a door behind the counter, although there's nothing inside except a mop. 
  • Nuno, back at the motel, makes some hammocks out of curtains and begins doing impersonations. Nuno looks inside the staff room and breaks a chair with Gerard to make torches with the legs. He uses the torches to get a better look inside the rooms. He looks through the motel rooms and finds a man named Drake who's been hiding out in his room for the past two days. The group creates a barricade in front of the motel door for the night.
Day 3Edit
  • The Diner Group, except Mikey's dog, take a drink of water before heading back to reconnect with Sean, Ivy and John. They run into the same two men as yesterday, who say that the group are back at their base. Upon reaching there, they see that Sean, Ivy and John are not inside. The men suggest that they might have gone to look for them, but the group think otherwise.
  • Meanwhile, The Subway Group, consisting of Ivy, Sean and John wake up. Sean realises that he is inside some sort of partially locked coffin while John is all alone in a room. Sean can't get out and decides to kick the door down, which works. John looks out the window to see where he is and he can see a door. John searches the room he's in but it's empty. Sean attempts to break the padlock holding Ivy in her coffin with his foot, but he only manages to slightly dent it. John, looking outside, can see chaos in the tunnel.
  • Mike and Ali try to investigate inside one of the room, but the men stop them, questioning if they're trying to rob them. Miguel threatens them with his knife, causing one of them to pull out a sickle. One of the men hold Ali's arm. The group decide to attack the men, Ali begins stabbing one of them but this only causes the man to twist his arm roughly. Mike hits the man holding the sickle, hoping he'll drop it, the man ends up slicing up Mikey's forearm and dropping the sickle. Alice and Miguel attack the now weaponless man and Miguel manages to stab him several times in the neck however the man starts choking Miguel. 
  • John leaves the room, heading towards the group fighting and stabbing the man choking Miguel in the back of the neck. This, along with Alice's stab to the heart, causes the man to die. Ali tries to attack the remaining man, only for him to be punched hard in the face. The man, grabbing his sickle back, gets ready to attack someone else. Mikey attempts to disarm the man again but due to the large amount of blood he is losing, doesn't go a good job and instead is stabbed in the stomach. Alice stabs the man in the back and Mike stabs him in the back of the neck, the man dies. Sean walks in after all this.
  • Mikey is bleeding heavily. The group, excluding Sean and Ivy, who is still trapped inside her coffin, carry Mikey back to a nearby station and begin trying to put pressure on his wounds however it is no use and Mikey dies on the subway floor. The group decide to rest there for the night.
  • Sean grabs the dead man's sickle and uses it to pick the lock on Ivy's coffin, she tumbles out gasping for air. Sean and Ivy stay back at the camp for the night.
  • The Motel Group wake up to banging coming from outside the door, their barricade beginning to come loose. After a while, the barricade completely comes loose and a large blade of a machete forces its way inside the wood, the man outside beginning to break in. Nuno looks for any other exits but finds none. Fatima and Kim scream at the man to leave but he doesn't, continuing to break down the door. Nuno manages to collect together blankets and construct a rope to throw out a window and escape from. Fatima throws a lit torch at the door, causing it to begin burning. The man manages to break inside as Fatima, Kim, Malik and Nuno climb down the rope. Gerard manages to climb down as the large man makes his way inside the motel room they're escaping from. Dani begins climbing, the man swings his machete down towards Daisy, who grabs Drake and throws him in the way. Drake screams in pain as the man slices him multiple times, Drake soon dies of blood loss as the man is about to attack Joe and Glen. The rope begins slipping from the window as Daisy climbs down, it breaks but Gerard is able to catch her. Joe positions himself at the window and jumps, managing to be caught by Gerard. Glen, however, isn't so lucky and is sliced into pieces inside the motel room. After the slaughter, the man simply stares down at the group before Fatima throws a lit torch into the room and the group evacuate, splitting up. Both groups go to different stores and search for supplies, Gerard runs into a man screaming about the end of the world but he punches him in the throat and Fatima uses her mop to knock him out. The group scavenge before meeting back up, heading towards a nearby church and staying there for the night.
  • The Airport Group scavenge for supplies around the school and come across two small kids in the cafeteria. The kids say they need to leave and tell the group their names are Toby and Samantha. The group's conversation with the kids is interrupted by a loud banging coming from inside the school. A man wanders into the cafeteria, shouting for someone, making Tiffany giddy, it's The Husband. The group hide inside the kitchen and cafeteria. The man is tall and walks with a cane and wears a tuxedo, he has blood all over his attire. James speaks up, causing the man to head towards where the group are hiding, Joan manages to throw something across the room which distracts the man. Tiffany wants to say something but Nathaniel decides to begin playing peekaboo with her, which she seems to enjoy. Joan begins sneaking away but the man hears him, turning. Nathaniel lets Tiffany go and she runs out, hugging and kissing The Husband passionately. The group come out and introduce themselves to The Husband. He gets mad when Tiffany refers to one of the men as her husband. Approaching Joan, he questions him and goes to hit him on the side of the head, although Joan steps back in time and Edward kicks The Husband to the floor, Tiffany screaming. Gavin helps Edward immobilise the husband. Tiffany argues with Joan over the husband while Julia comforts her. The group decide to let the husband go and Julia decides to pursue Tiffany to stay with them. The husband wants his cane but Miguel inspects it, the group finding out it has a button. Joan questions what it does and when the husband says it does nothing, he pressed the button and a knife comes out the bottom, stabbing the husband. He finally leaves, saying he'll find Tiffany soon. After he leaves, Toby and Samantha leave, too, saying they have to find their parents. Julia and Tiffany explore different classrooms, bonding and looking for supplies. The Airport Group then head to a nearby train station and stay inside the train for the night.
Day 4Edit
  • The Diner Group wake up in a lot of pain. Ali's arm is possibly broken, Mikey's dog is walking with a limp and can't breathe properly, John's shoulder wound is possibly infected due to lack of treatment and everyone else is rather sore, but fine. They're hungry and Mikey's dog is thirsty. The group eat, splitting one candy bar five ways. Miguel gives half a bottle of water to the dog, who he names Jo. John looks for the exit and begins heading up, followed by the rest of the group. They see a large group of people fighting up the street and they decide to turn around and go in the opposite direction. They find a coffee shop and go inside, finding pastries which John, Miguel and Mike eat. Ali and Alice eat a candy bar for themselves despite Mike trying to say that Alice doesn't need to eat. The group head towards a small hospital and knock on the door. Miguel kisses Ali on the cheek while they wait for a reply which gets Mike mad. The group begin getting loud, Mike slapping Ali in the face and yelling at him. Soon, a tall woman opens the door and tells them to shut up. She allows them inside and the group are introduced to the doctor called Pablo. The nurse cleans out John's wound, although she tells him they don't have a lot of supplies. Mike and Miguel flirt with Pablo. The group decide to stay in the hospital overnight.
  • The Subway Group leave the subway and go back into the streets. They spot some people praying on the streets and approach them, Ivy leads them in prayer and they wish each other luck before Ivy and Sean leave to find a store. They find some of Sean's pills, which Sean promptly takes. They scavenge in a few more stores until they find a medical center. It's rather small and they scavenge it for supplies before staying there for the night.
  • The Airport Group scavenge the train they're in for any supplies, finding an umbrella. The group leave the train station and go to Miguel's home which is nearby. Entering, they find two men inside collecting supplies. They begin talking and the two men don't want any trouble, one hiding something behind his back. He pulls it out and reveals it's a gun after Joan threatens to send him to prison. Joan attempts to distract him by thrusting a knife towards him but the man panics at this and pulls the trigger of the gun, Enzo collapses on the couch with a bullet through his arm. Nathaniel wraps a stray shirt around Enzo's arm while Joan and the man argue. Joan says that after everything is over he'll be persecuted. While they're talking, James attempts to stab the man. Joan ducks down while Nathaniel, Tiffany and Julia hide behind a couch. The man shoots his gun again and barely misses Joan's head. Gavin threatens to hurt the man's friend but he doesn't put the gun down. Enzo and Edward resort to running at the man with knives, causing the man to panic and fire another shot, directly hitting Enzo in the head and killing him. He goes to shoot Edward but his gun runs out of bullets. Edward stabs the man in the throat and he dies. The group leave the house after taking the men's supplies and heading to a nearby hospital. They scavenge inside some of it and then head to a supermarket, where they stay for the night.
  • The Motel Group eat before sending out a group, Fatima, Nuno, Kim and Gerard, to find supplies. Fatima speaks to Joe, who has been awake praying all night and tries to comfort him. 
  • Fatima, Nuno, Kim and Gerard leave and begin scavenging in homes. In one house, they find letters that have been sent from the London Asylum from a girl named Henrietta. Going upstairs, they find a bedroom with her name on it and someone speaks from inside. They speak to her but decide to run away, Gerard punching her as they leave because Henrietta grabs his arm. Henrietta screams loudly and the group decide to head back and take her with them. Fatima reads some of the letters they found. They scavenge a few more houses before heading back to the church and drink. 
Day 5Edit
  • The Diner Group wake up in the hospital. Paula tells the group the dog has a broken rib. They're all hungry and there's a loud thunderstorm going on outside. They share out food between each other. John looks outside and spots some figures in the distance. He heads out with a knife to investigate. He hides nearby and overhears four people, two men and two women, having an argument. 
  • Miguel asks Pablo and Paula if they can fix the dog. Pablo tells him that there's a risk that the dog could die if he can't. The group are willing to take the risk and give the dog to Pablo, who takes him to the back room to begin operating.
  • One of the women that John is watching attack one of the men with her machete. John steps in and kills the other man, trying to gain the girl's trust. He ends up getting a slash across the chest by the man. The girls ask him for his supplies, turning out to rob him. He gives them his knife and they part ways. 
  • Mike decides to lock the hospital door but needs a key. Paula tells him and Miguel that since somebody is out they won't need to lock it until they get back. Pablo comes out of the room and tells them that he won't be able to save the dog. The group gather around the dog and Miguel decides to put the dog down. Mike decides to then skin and cook the dog's meat and keep it in the fridge.
  • John makes his way back to the hospital but his wounds are too severe, he ends up collapsing at the door and bleeding out shortly later. 
  • The Subway Group wake up with a thunderstorm approaching their location. They drink and Sean takes one of his pills, they take a look outside and see people running around. Sean puts a chair against the door to try and secure it shut. Ivy and Sean share a pack of crisps and wait for the people to pass. They then hide inside a room as the storm rolls in. They hear someone outside yelling for help, Sean looks out the window and sees a man covered in blood, mud and rain. He decides to ignore the man, who soon suddenly stops screaming. Someone begins banging at the front door and forces their way inside. Ivy and Sean stand at either side of the room's door and get ready to attack the man. The man enters the room and they attack him, he manages to slice at Sean's arm slightly but the duo manage to kill the intruder and throw his dead body out the window. Sean locks the door again and after the storm has settled they make their way out of the house. Sean wraps his arm in a part of his shirt and they begin scavenging for supplies. They find a bandage, which Sean uses to put on his wound. They find a motel and decide to stay inside despite some of it being burnt up.
  • The Airport Group hear a thunderstorm approaching their area. They're all hungry and thirsty so they decide to split their supplies between most of the group. The group decide to head to the center of the city and raid nearby stores. They get caught in the thunderstorm and take shelter inside a supermarket. Joan feeds Davey a banana and they begin bonding, taking to each other as the thunderstorm passes overhead. James thinks about his daughter. Joan flirts with Davey and asks him if he wants to go outside for a minute. They both go outside, standing under an umbrella and kiss. They decide to stay in the supermarket overnight, James dreams of bagels.
  • The Motel Group wake up to a thunderstorm happening around them. Nuno comforts Henrietta and then the group begin making a small memorial for Glen and Drake. Fatima continues reading Henrietta's letters and she finds out they date back to 1858. Henrietta tells the group she was born in 1844, according to her file. The group decide to split into two and go scavenging in different locations.
  • Fatima, Gerard, Daisy, Henrietta and Joe head downtown. They begin scavenging inside stores for supplies. Inside one store, they can see two women inside. The group decide to hide outside until they come out, to ambush them. Daisy, however, gives away their position as they're about to attack. Fatima apologises to them. The women introduce themselves as Grace and Sabrina. 
  • Nuno, Kim, Malik and Dani head to a nearby hospital. They scavenge inside a reception and nearby offices. They hear a noise coming from down the hallway. Kim decides to investigate and starts going down the hallway. However, Nuno grabs a nearby chair and sets it on fire, throwing it down the hallway. Kim manages to dodge out of the way but the chair hits her shoulder and she is set on fire. Just as this happens, the door at the end opens and a man comes out with an axe. Kim attempts to put it out with a blanket but it's not much use. She runs outside and stops, drops and rolls in the wet concrete and manages to put out the fire, although she's now got a nasty burn on her shoulder and upper arm. Nuno, Dani and Malik run away from the man but the man manages to catch up to them and swing his axe at the group, slicing down Dani's back and causing her to fall to the floor. Malik tries to distract the man with a torch while Nuno tries to knock his axe away with a chair but the man only loses his accuracy and ends up decapitating Dani. Malik and Nuno, along with Kim run away as the hospital begins slowly burning due to the torch beign destroyed and the flaming chair. They manage to lose the man and meet back up with the others in their group.
  • The Motel Group decide to head back to their origins, the motel. They enter through the destroyed and burnt door that they burnt just days earlier. Fatima begins breaking things to create a wooden barricade. She then looks around the rooms for people. She finds the room that Drake and Glen died in, causing Joe to start crying again. Nuno comforts him. The group soon find two people sleeping inside and decide to stay at the motel for the night with the people...
Day 6Edit
  • The Diner Group wake up and hear Pablo and Paula arguing aswel as a pack of dogs hanging around outside. Mike decides to approach Pablo while he's alone and undress infront of him. He isn't interested in Mike so Mike slaps him across the face and the group leave the hospital. The dogs outside notice the group and chase after them until the group safely get inside a house. They share a can of food together and stay inside the house for the night.
  • The Airport Group wake up to loud noises outside the supermarket. Edward and Gavin are also sick. Joan looks outside and sees around fifteen people. They decide to lay low until the group leave, they hide Tiffany, who thinks they're playing hide and seek. The group wait and wait. They see the people walking in and out of the store across the street until two people enter the supermarket that they're inside. The man, who introduces himself as Harry, is startled to see people inside. The two groups part ways and The Airpot Group continue walking towards the city center. In the distance they spot a helicopter although it doesn't seem to notice them. Joan tries to contact the helicopter on their radio but they have no luck, instead coming into contact with a very sickly sounding girl. The group arrive at James' house in the city and James looks for his daughter inside, although he doesn't have any luck. The woman on the radio says that she's stuck inside a radio station. James begins talking to her and finds out her name and location. The group don't go rescue her and instead stay inside James' house for the night. Joan and Davey taking the master bedroom and having sex inside.
  • The Motel Group wake up, joined by The Subway Group's Sean and Ivy! Kim's shoulder is still in agony. Sean introduces himself to the new group but Joe yells at them that they can't break in. Kim takes a painkiller while Nuno changes Sean's bandage and Kim wraps her burn in bedsheet. The group eat. Fatima notices that Sabrina isn't wearing her backpack anymore and questions where it is. Sabrina tells her that it's in one of the motel rooms. Fatima goes to search the motel for the bag but doesn't find it anywhere. The group decide to send Nuno, Fatima, Daisy, Grace and Sabrina out to find supplies. Fatima talks to Henrietta before she leaves.
  • Nuno, Fatima, Daisy, Grace and Sabrina head to a nearby bar. Nuno goes inside the male bathroom and finds a broken window, but nobody is inside the dark bar.
  • Back at the motel, Henrietta asks if she can go outside to look for her mother. Kim suggests staying at the window but Henrietta says that they'll get a better look from outside. Henrietta, Kim and Sean all head outside. They bring a torch and a match.
  • Fatima tells Sabrina that she looked for Sabrina's bag but she never found it. Fatima asks if she's lying about the whereabouts of the bag but Sabrina insists she's not. Grace suggests that she didn't look hard enough.
  • Sean asks Henrietta about herself but Henrietta shrugs, not knowing what to say. Gerard reads the letters that Henrietta wrote, he looks for anything to do with her period but finds nothing.
  • Fatima, Nuno, Daisy, Grace and Sabrina leave the bar and enter a supermarket. Nuno plays two truths and a lie with Sabrina. They scavenge inside the supermarket before heading to a pharmacy.
  • Sean checks his pants for the size of his weiner.
  • Inside the supermarket, Fatima sees a man crouched down inside. She approaches him and says hello. The man turns and she sees that his face has blood and is discoloured on either side. The man swings his arm and knocks over a shelf before chasing Fatima, Nuno, Daisy, Grace and Sabrina out of the store. They manage to get in an alleyway which the man can't seem to fit into. The group create a device out of the mop handle and knife and stab the man on the side of the eye. After a while, the man begins walking away and trying to find another way to reach the group. They begin running away again but the man spots them and follows them. After a while, the group lose the man and set fire to a building hoping the man will investigate it.
  • Henrietta, Sean and Kim head back to the motel. Henrietta points to the torch and match, asking if she can keep them. Kim gives her the torch but says the match is very special so she can't lose it, so Kim keeps it safe. Andrew questions Henrietta about her friend, Wessy.
  • Fatima, Nuno, Daisy, Grace and Sabrina make it back to the motel. Fatima rushes through every room in the motel along with Nuno, to find the backpack but she doens't find it. Fatima questions Sabrina where it is and thinks she's lying about not knowing. Nuno asks with the girls are hiding something. Grace acuses someone in the motel of stealing it from them. Fatima and Nuno search everyone in the motel for the backpack but nobody has it. Fatima follows Sabrina as she enters the staffroom, asking what she's doing. Grace follows Nuno around as he searches again for the backpack, telling him that they need to repay the girls for the stolen goods. Fatima, meanwhile, attacks Sabrina in the closed staffroom, managing to overpower her and stab her through the eye. Fatima, Nuno and Sean then manage to trap Grace inside the staffroom with her sister's dead body, which enrages her. After a few minutes, Grace manages to escape through a window in the staffroom and disappear into the night. Meanwhile, Henrietta asks Nuno what a penis is. The Motel Group try to cover all the windows in the motel the best they can so nobody can break in, although this doesn't work too much the group fall asleep inside the motel for the night.
Day 7Edit
  • The Airport Group wake up. Edward and Gavin are still quite sick and feeling dehydrated and lightheaded. Joan checks the radio for the woman from yesterday while contemplating leaving Edward and Gavin behind. There's no reply from the window so Joan presumes she's most likely dead. Julia suggests to Tiffany that they play dressup while the group begins heading towards Gavin's place of work. The group come across a church, a priest yelling from outside for them to come in. The group decide to greet the man and enter the church. The group can see blood inside and Joan questions the priest, although his answers are rather vague. He asks the group if they would like to clense themselves of their sins and that he offers a way to escape the cruel events. Julia and Tiffany find outfits, which they put on. Julia kisses Tiffany but Tiffany tells Julia she's married to Joan. Joan tells Tiffany that they're divorce, which Tiffany yells at. The group hear a creaking under the floorboards and as they jump up on the pews to protect themselves, a hand bursts out from the floor and grabs Nathaniel's ankle, pulling him towards the hole in the floor. Julia tries to throw her shoe at the creature but her shoe just disappears down the hole. Nathaniel almost disappears into the hole but Joan manages to shoot the creature in the head, causing it to tumble back inside the hole. The creature, however, is still alive and as the group escape the church, the creature follows them. Joan manages to shoot the priest in the head before escaping, killing him on the spot. The creature manages to catch up to the group, especially Edward, Gavin and Nathaniel who lack behind due to injuries and illness. The group keep running and the creature manages to catch up to them, pulling Edward down and ripping out his spine, beginning to feast on his corpse as the group leave him for dead. The rest of the group manage to get to the police station and find a small group of survivors camped outside. Joan manages to get one of the police officers to donate six bullets to The Airport Group and the group continue towards the city center and take shelter inside an apartment for the night. 
  • The Diner Group wake up incredibly dehydrated. Miguel tries to find running water inside the house but he fails too. The group leave the house and find a small shop, finding one bottle of water inside which they all share. They continue looking until they come across a large supermarket. Ali and Alice head inside and come across two people, although they seem to ignore them. Ali and Alice find two bottles of water and a can of food. They ask the couple if they know any way out of the city but the couple tell them they don't. They leave the supermarket and the group share the two bottles of water. They find a bus stop, which has a map, although not very detailed, on the wall. They follow the map to a nearby church and as they get closer they come across a man shuffling along the road. They hide until he passes and then enter a nearby pharmacy, finding nothing inside. The group find a church and drive towards a nearby church, hearing an explosion nearby. They park outside a church and sleep inside the truck for the night.
  • The Motel Group hear tapping against the window in the early hours of the morning. Some of the rooms start smelling weird and Kim's shoulder has worsened and she's dehydrated. The group take drinks of water and Kim replaces her bandage and takes a painkiller. Fatima looks out the window and sees Grace outside, holding up a lighter and smiling at her. Nuno runs upstairs, breaking open a window and beginning to plan an escape. Grace drops the lighter and steps back, suddenly the area infront of her bursting into flames. The flames crawling around the building as she has doused most of it in gasoline. Fatima tries to throw a chair but it just falls to its side. Nuno makes yet another rope made out of blankets, although this time it takes longer. Nuno carries Kim down the rope, Fatima, Gerard and Henrietta right behind them as suddenly the flames begin closing in on the rope. Daisy manages to swing and barely miss the fire as she gets to the ground safely. As Ivy is about to climb down, the rope is tugged from the window, falling into the flames bellow. The group on the ground decide to make a run for it and leave behind Ivy, Sean, Malik and Joe who are trapped in the building.
  • Ivy breaks another window and quickly assembles another blanket rope. Ivy climbs down and manages to get to the ground safely, the rope begins catching fire. Sean climbs but the rope snaps due to the fire and Sean tumbles into the fire, his legs landing in the flames. As Sean stops, drops and rolls to put out the fire in his legs, Malik creates another rope and begins climbing down it too, despite the fire burning right bellow him. Ivy and Sean begin running, Sean however can barely run so Ivy supports him.
  • Malik climbs down the rope, the fire burning his sides and catching some of his clothes on fire. He manages to roll and get the fire off. Joe climbs down the rope, however the rope snaps as he is climbing down and he falls to the ground, directly in the fire. Joe tries to get out however he can't move, the fall injuring his back. He begins screaming. Malik runs away to find Ivy and Sean, who have escaped to a nearby church trying to locate the rest of the group. Joe dies in the flames. Malik and Ivy leave Sean at the church to go find some medication for Sean's legs. They come to a hospital and find bandages. They leave to avoid running into anything dangerous and go to a nearby pharmacy. They come across a tiny dog but ignore it, they manage to find pills for Sean and painkillers. The duo decide to head back to the church and heal Sean the best they can. They barricade the church doors and sleep.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of The Motel Group escape to a nearby house. Fatima checks her vlogging camera only for it to die on her. Fatima cries. Nuno and Fatima decide to head to a nearby pharmacy and search it for supplies. They find a fat man with blood all over him. They avoid him and entr a store with gardening supplies inside. They find a mirror and use it to distract the man inside the pharmacy. They manage to get inside and scavenge for supplies. The duo find a truck, which they attempt to hotwire but end up setting off the car alarm. The man from earlier begins stumbling towards them and they run away, finding another car with the keys inside. They manage to start driving but the gas level is veyr low. They take a detour towards a gas station and fill up the gas, a figure from inside the building watching. As they drive away, the gas station explodes into flames. They make their way to another pharmacy and scavenge it for supplies, they hear a dog barking inside but decide to head back. They treat Kim's wounds and barricade the door up, falling asleep.
Day 8Edit
  • The Airport Group realise that Gavin sickness could kill him if nothing is done about it. Nathaniel's ankle is also hurting and has green sludge surrounding it. The group rest, they wash out Nathaniel's wound and then take him to a bed to rest. James goes outside and looks before going back inside and they sleep.
  • During the night, Kim of The Motel Group dies. The group mourn and decide to take Kim with them in the car. Gerard ends up in the trunk because Kim's body sits in the free seat. The group see a car drive around the corner, coming towards them. They quickly turn around and drive away. The car following them...
  • Meanwhile, The Diner Group drive around a corner and come across a car, which begins driving away from them. They follow behind it and from the car they hear someone yell. The car infront of them parks and they stop following. Mike gets out the car and they are introduced to The Motel Group!
  • Meanwhile, Sean from Ivy, Malik & Sean group dies during the night due to his wounds. Ivy prays for Sean and then they follow car tracks until they come across a large group. Malik approaches them and says hello.
  • The Motel Group begin coughing, getting inside their car. Malik tries to say hello through the car window, knocking on it but Nuno rolls up the window and The Motel Group and The Diner Group drive away after some discussion, leaving behind Gerard.
  • The Motel + Diner Group drive towards a pharmacy and check inside. They find a dog and Fatima names it Pope. Fatima feeds Pope some meat, Pope eats it although he doesn't know it's meat from the late Mikey II. They sleep inside the pharmacy for the night.
  • Ivy and Malik find a truck, driving in the direction that the other group went and pick up Gerard along the way. They take another route and begin heading into the center of the city, they get chased by a lurker and Ivy tries to shoot it with her bow and arrow but misses. They turn the car around and manage to ram it, it explodes all over the front of the car. Gerard instinctivly turns on the windshield wipers. The group then continue and stay inside a house for the night.
Day 9Edit
  • The Motel + Diner Group wake up to find Pope has pooped on Fatima's mop. The day is rather colder and Mike and Daisy have come down with some illness. The group can hear a helicopter coming towards them. Miguel checks Mike's mouth to see what could be wrong with her while Pope, Nuno and Fatima get in a truck and drive to catch up to the helicopter.
  • The Airport Group hear a helicopter and find Gavin dead due to his untreated illness. Tiffany is also crying and Joan celebrates his birthday! Joan asks Tiffany what is wrong and Tiffany tells him she's crying because he doesn't want to marry her. Nathaniel uses the cane the group have to walk with as his ankle is in severe pain. Joan thinks about pushing Tiffany out the window but decides against it, Julia comforts her and James turns to christianity. The group head out but hear a man scream "Furries!" from a window as they pass by a house.
  • Earlier that day, Ivy, Malik and Gerard hear the helicopter, too! Malik looks outside the window to see people fighting. He spots a group of people walking by, Gerard approaches the window and yells "Furries!" at them. The group leave the house and meet the other group, realising they've merged with The Airport Group!
  • Nuno, Fatima and Pope find the helicopter, although they're too late as it flies behind, leaving behind a lone woman on the street. The woman tells them to stop yelling at the helicopter and how they must get inside. However, as they begin to move they come across four lurkers. They begin fighting them, the fight ends with the woman's throat being ripped into and Fatima suffering a minor wound to her arm. The girl, in her dying moments, tell the duo that there's a safezone nearby.  
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the Motel/Diner Group are staying inside a pharmacy. Mike decides to have Miguel nut in her mouth to try and cure her illness. After this, miguel has a meltdown, although completely unrelated. Henrietta asks him what's wrong. Henrietta suggests to make it better they find a match for fire. Nuno, Fatima and Pope return to the pharmacy. The group eat and drink and Nuno lights a match, Henrietta seems hypnotised by this and he takes the oppertunity to ask her about her life at the asylum. Henrietta says she only thinks she was at the asylum for a few months and she wants the matches because they keep her warm. They grouphug Henrietta and Nuno gives her a match, asking her to be careful. Fatima bonds with Alice. Henrietta tells the group about Wessy but she begins crying, saying "they" took him away and how they're not evil and they did nothing wrong. The group end up sleeping inside the pharmacy for the night.
  • Malik checks Nathaniel's wound and doesn't think it's infected, just needs to be rested until it's healed. The group look for a van and find one, although two men are fighting beside it. They wait until one dies before disposing of the other one, who tries to attack them. They get in the van and Ivy's car and they begin driving towards where they saw the helicopter. They hear a helictopter in the distance but see one on the roof of a store. They quickly run up and find a man, the helicopter flying away without him. He introduces himself as Officer Glynn and tells them about a safezone. The group decide to get in their vehicles and head there straight away.
Day 10Edit
  • The Motel+Diner Group wake up. Daisy is feeling worse than before and Mike is still quite ill, although not as bad. Pope is pooping by the door. Nuno cleans the poop before they split up, going into each car and splitting the supplies to drive to the safezone. However, they hear a motorcycle coming closer to them, quickly catching up to the vehicles. The groups attempt to throw things out of their vehicles to try and stop the person, who pulls out a gun and starts firing at them. One bullet comes through the back window of the car, hitting Mike in the shoulder. Fatima manages to throw a hammer out of the window and causes the person to swerve, almost crashing. They stop their motorbike and get off, trying to fire at the group but ending up too far away. The groups eat before continuing towards their destination.
  • The Airport Group have been driving all night. They come across a lone house and they send Miguel inside to investigate. He comes across an old man, who holds a knife up in self defence. Miguel is thrown out of the house after trying to poop inside. Some of the group eat, Joan signs Nathaniel's forehead again and plans to get it permanently tattooed. As the group continue driving they come across a large man standing in the middle of the road, they attempt to run him down but end up doing massive amounts of damage to the car. The group inside the car get out and the man begins trying to hit them with the baseball bat, giving a big blow to Malik's head. Joan manages to shoot the man in the neck, causing him to drown in his own blood. The group manage to stop Malik from bleeding so heavily as they continue driving towards their destination.
Day 11Edit
  • Both groups run into eachother at the safezone. However, they're not keen on working together.
  • The Motel+Diner Group drive down the dirt pathway towards the farmhouse. Henrietta says that Wessy spoke to her in her dream and that he's coming to take her home. The group try to lock the door on The Airport Group but they're already inside.
  • The Airport Group see James' daughter in the safezone. They drive up and go inside and meet the other players inside. 
  • The Motel+Diner Group appear to be arming themselves, which causes Joan of The Airport Group to take out his gun and aim it at them.They start arguing but lower their weapons. James' daughter, Nurse Daisy, tells them to take Malik upstairs and she'll be right there. However, she doesn't follow them up so Joan and James go looking for her, finding her held at knifepoint by Miguel D. and Mike. Miguel tells Joan that if he shoots, Nurse Daisy dies. They begin to move away and Miguel E. and Joan follow them.
  • Meanwhile, Fatima leaves during the argument and gets into her truck, preparing to plow it into the farmhouse. As most of her group leave the farmhouse, she plows straight into it, driving right through and throwing knvies at Joan and Miguel E. Joan manages to dodge these attacks, however Miguel E. is hit with a knife in the stomach and falls to the ground, beginning to bleed out. Joan runs off, leaving Miguel E. in the now destroyed farmhouse hallway. Fatima finds that she's been sliced in the neck with a piece of wood that came through the truck window and begins bleeding.
  • Miguel D.G takes Nurse Daisy to the front of the house and demands she treat Fatima. When Nurse Daisy refuses, Miguel stabs her in the leg. This is when Joan shoots Miguel in the head, killing him. During this, Princess Daisy approaches Joan and offers a truce, which he accepts and welcomes her into The Airport Group. 
  • Fatima and Nuno begin to make their way away from the fight, Ivy spots them doing so and uses her last arrow from her bow and arrow to shoot Fatima, she manages to get a shot right at her ankle. Mike, meanwhile, runs at Joan and slices at his shoulder with a knife. Joan pulls the trigger of his gun, again, firing through her stomach. Alice runs at Joan as he murders Mike, stabbing him straight through the side of the stomach as he is ontop of Mike. Joan turns, his wound slowing him down and shoots Alice in the leg.
  • Ivy adventures downstairs, where she finds Ali, thinking he was apart of this, she uses the last bullet in the gun to shoot him through the chest and then stab him. She leaves him dying in the farmhouse as she goes back to her group.
  • Meanwhile, Fatima and Nuno have taken cover in the forest nearby the house. Nuno starts a fire with one match he finds on his person. He gets ready to treat Fatima's wounds when a figure comes out from the trees, Henrietta. The two are happy to see her and hug, before talking for a while and hugging again!
  • The Airport Group try and patch up their wounds with the clothing in the upstairs of the farmhouse. Realising most of the medication was probably destroyed by the truck, they leave the farmhouse. Gerard comes across a dog stuck under a plank of wood. Ivy helps the dog out and realises it's The Motel Group's dog, Pope. The dog begins sniffing about, trying to find Fatima as he's grown attached to her. He decides, however, to poop where Fatima got shot.
  • Ivy finds Alice, who's dying on the floor, and helps her get her wound wrapped. Ivy then rubs a mysterious, unknown liquid on Malik's wounds, which cause him to begin shivering and black out. The group then make their way to the van, but Pope disappears into the forest as they do so. Davey hugs Joan, happy that he's alright. The group go into the forest and come across Nuno, Fatima, Pope, who had tracked Fatima, and Henrietta. They invite them to come back with them and then they head off in the direction of the ocean, officially merging.
  • The Merged Group come across a farmhouse which is deserted. Gerard, James and Julia go inside and look around, finding it to be oddly wet. They don't mind much inside except medical equiptment, so the group keep moving. As they driving to their location, Fatima pulls out a gun and tries to shoot Joan, however she doesn't realise there are no bullets left, so she fails. Joan tries to pull out his own gun and shoot Fatima, however he realises, too, Fatima is the one holding his gun. Ivy begins driving wrecklessly, slamming the breaks and the gas and then the breaks again. She ends up knocking her had against the steering wheel and begins bleeding. The group continue driving.
Day 12Edit
  • During the night, Malik passed away. Most of the group are dying and injured. They're also very thirsty and hungry. Nuno talks to Henrietta while counting their food supplies. Princess Daisy wanders around the van like a zombie due to her illness. ivy decides to cut off her finger, which has turned a weird shade of yellow. The group decide to drive back to the farmhouse and look for their supplies, outside they see a small boy with a knife. Ivy introduces herself, although the boy seems very frightened. Nuno and Fatima search the farmhouse for their missing supplies, not finding them all but picking up a few. Joan approaches the boy and he holds out his knife, blaming Joan for something. Princess Daisy prepares to run the little boy over, who Joan soon recognizes to be Toby from the school. Princess Daisy decides against running over the child, although James runs at him with a hammer and tries to smash him over the head with it, Toby manages to avoid this and stabs James in the stomach. Joan uses the husband's cane to stab him in the shoulder. Nuno comes across a rather old woman in the backgarden, picking crops. Nuno helps her, picking some for himself. The woman tells Nuno about a boat that may be able to rescue them before parting ways. Nurse Daisy and Ivy manage to get James into the van and everyone begins to bandage themselves up and clean out their wounds. Toby approaches the van, asking them to help him and asking them if they want to know what the husband is planning. Toby tells the group the husband is coming after them. He then asks to be treated, however Nuno tries to hit the boy with a shovel, Toby manages to dodge and begins running away from the group, feeling betrayed. Fatima says that they should get rid of Tiffany as the husband may know where she is. She calls her a demon and asks Henrietta if she knows Tiffany from the asylum, but they don't know eachother. The group begin driving towards the ocean, coming across a farmhouse and knocking on the door, they're welcomed inside by a woman and a group of people. They say they will help them on one condition, they help them get to the boat. The groups help eachother and Nathaniel begins teaching Haley morse code while Henrietta, Nuno, Fatima and Pope play outside in the garden. They spend the night in the farmhouse.
Day 13Edit
  • During the night, Alice died due to her wound. Everyone else is fine, despite their injuries they're getting better slowly. During the night they hear screaming and weird noises.Nuno and Henrietta host a memorial service for Alice, Nuno tells Henrietta that Joan killed Alice. Gerard looks for a pen and paper and begins writing his own book. Julia and Tiffany play dress up, Julia tells Tiffany she loves her and they have sex in one of the farmhouse bedrooms. Some people eat while Nuno finds batteries and puts them into Fatima's camera. Nathaniel continues to teach Haley morse code. Nuno and Fatima looks for a computer to use, but it's not working. Gerard writes more of his book. Tiffany and Julia begin to play hide and seek but before they can start playing, a motorcycle is heard. Everyone runs from the house and into the van, driving away as the motorcycle starts coming closer. Nuno gets his dick out for Alice. As Nuno drives he spots a lurker standing in the road. They manage to dodge it, but come across more. The group turn into the fields and begin driving past cows, managing to dodge them as the lurkers begin jumping onto the cows instead, ripping them apart. They make it out of the fields alive, although damaging the front of the van. They make it to the sea and begin making their way towards it, seeing  a boat in the distance and several boats lined at the edge of the water. However, they're stopped when they realise they're not alone. The Husband has been waiting...
Day 14Edit
  • The group face off against The Husband. Fatima asks him what he wants, The Husband tells them he's been following them for a while now. The Farmhouse group push out boats into the water, leaving the group behind with Pope. The Husband tells the group that he's already won and that he released the lurkers from their hell to take back what is theirs. Fatima, Henrietta, Nuno, Daisy, Julia and James begin running for the remaining boats as the husband sends Lurkers after the group standing at the beach.
  • The Beach Group are attacked by two lurkers, one of them jumping ontop of Nathaniel as Gerard manages to decapitate one. Gerard manages to dispose of the other lurker.
  • Boat #3 consists of Henrietta, Nuno and Fatima. They begin feeling something under their boat, Fatima looks over and sees a person swimming underneath them. Henrietta looks, suddenly screaming out as she recognizes the person as her long-lost friend Wessy. Wessy slams into the boat before disappearing again.
  • Boat #4 consists of James, Julia and Princess Daisy. Daisy suddenly punches James in the gut.
  • The Husband reveals six other lurkers out of the forest, they begin heading for each group.
  • Princess Daisy sprays James with the fire extinguisher, blinding him for a second. James manages to swing his knife and cut Daisy in the arm. Daisy knocks James' knife out of his hand, however the boat suddenly flips over, knocking Julia, Daisy, James and all of their supplies into the water. Daisy and Julia get back into the boat, trying to collect as much of their supplies as they can, although most of has sunk. James begins swimming towards the shore but gets stopped by a lurker, who begins fighting him. Gerard comes to save James, managing to decapitate the lurker. Princess Daisy and Julia are met by three lurkers. One of the lurkers bite down on Daisy's leg, Julia manages to hit the lurker which causes it to fall off of her. Another lurker jumps into the boat with them.
  • Henrietta begins getting very excited, Fatima and Nuno try and ask her questions but she ignores them. Fatima yells at Henrietta, getting her attention and asking if Wessy is dangerous. Henrietta tells her that Wessy is her friend. Wessy swims up towards the boat but Nuno manages to stab him in the neck, causing him to sink back into the water again. Henrietta begins screaming. Nuno and Fatima try and tell Henrietta that Wessy isn't a friend, but she doesn't listen. Pope suddenly jumps out of his boat while it's being attacked by a lurker, swimming over to Fatima. Henrietta starts yelling about how Fatima and Nuno see her as evil. Wessy suddenly rams into the boat again, causing the trio to flip into the water.
  • The Beach Group are followed by two lurkers who jump on top of Nurse Daisy and Ivy. Gerard runs to save James and then they continue on with him, they hear a woman call out from behind them and turning around they notice it's Grace, holding up a gun. Gerard tries to tell Grace to not shoot them but she just laughs, saying that they've made her life miserable and she's going to kill every single one.
  • Princess Daisy dives out of her boat, swimming away from Julia being attacked as a lurker follows her. Julia manages to hit the lurker ontop of her with a baseball bat, smashing it's head in. Princess Daisy begins getting dragged underwater by the lurker chasing her and despite her best efforts to try and save herself, the lurker rips into her back, causing her to bleed out, drown and die as the lurker begins to feast on her body. Julia gets back into the boat and begins sailing again.
  • Fatima meets with Pope in the water, beginning to swim with him towards the rescue boat. Fatima feels a hand around her ankle, Nuno stabs Wessy in the hand and then the neck as he tries to grab him and Fatima.  Wessy punches Nuno roughly in the jaw, knocking him further into the water. Fatima manages to swim down and stab Wessy in the top of the head, although he's still alive. Fatima stabs him again and again and again. Wessy sinks down into the water, seemingly dying. Henrietta begins screaming and crying from the boat, Fatima drags Nuno to the surface as he begins to drown. She begins performing CPR but can't save Nuno. Fatima prays before sailing towards the rescue boat once again, she spots a lurker coming towards her and she stabs it aggressivly in the head, killing it.
  • Gerard tries to tell Grace how The Husband was the person who made all her pain happen but she calls bullshit, she gets ready to fire her gun, telling Gerard because of Sabrina's death there is no happy ending for any of them. Grace pulls the trigger, shooting one single bullet towards the group, which hits Ivy in the shoulder. Four lurkers begin making their way towards the group. Ivy decides to leave the group, heading towards the final boat as Gerard begins fighting the lurkers, he manages to kill two as the other two jumps at him and Joan. Davey rescues Joan while Nathaniel saves Gerard. Ivy makes it to the last boat, which appears to have lurkers inside. Grace follows the group as they make their way to the boat, seemingly rethinking all of her life choices that have led her to this moment. The group manage to kill the lurkers inside the boat and start it up, sailing towards the large boat, meeting with julia and picking her up before sailing towards the large boat, meeting with Fatima, Pope and Henrietta.
  • A woman greets the group, saying that she's sorry for any of their losses and tells they they're safe here and that they'll be relocated. She offers them some food as the boat begins moving, leaving London behind...

After what seemed like a never ending struggle, the group soon escaped London, the place they used to call home. As the boat sailed across the rocky sea and into the distance towards an unknown location, they felt hope that they would survive. The relationships they had forged had helped them throughout everything and now, as they sail into their unpredictable futures, all they could think of was how lucky they were to be alive today.

James reunited with his daughter and managed to get some good father/daughter time at last. It felt like forever since they had last spoken, despite it only being a few days ago. James went back to producing films and even made his own film about the tragedy that happened in London. Nurse Daisy went back to doing what she was best at, saving people’s lives, she was recognizes all across the country as a hero and stayed with the military to help those fleeing London in the early days.

Joan settled down and married Davey. He went back to starring in his TV show, although everything wasn’t the same. Davey picked up a new job, but this time he opened up his own shop and became a very laidback man. He even started working out for the first time in years and became a hunk.

Julia continued archaeology. She went on adventures all across the globe alongside her trusted partner Tiffany, who she fell inlove with. Tiffany began showing signs that she was a real person again, despite being over 100 years old she continued her life and happily grew old with Julia at her side.

Nathaniel’s ankle never fully healed, as he walked on a cane for the rest of his life. Although, he did get back into Antique dealing and managed to find many relics that people had brought back from London in the years that followed the attacks. Some say he is becoming, slowly, the riches man in the nation, but that’s just a rumor… To them. Nathaniel sits in a lap of luxury!!

Gerard’s days living on the streets were over for the rest of his life as many people recognizes his acts of bravery and he became a local hero. He even published a book that he had started writing during the disaster and gained much, much money from it. He lived inside a rather stable home for the rest of his days and is still signing autographs to this day.

Sister Fatima lived a good, long life with her daughter Henrietta and her dog, Pope. She never was the same after Nuno’s death, or even any of the deaths, but she pushed on with the help of her religion and her family around her. She continued being a nun despite it being hard and raises her daughter to become the well-rounded woman she never got to be in her old life. Fatima continued her youtube uploads and soon she overtook Pewdiepie and SMOSH as the #1 most subscribed youtuber and even broke the record of most views in a 24 hour period with her vlog of fighting insane people. Everyone on the internet soon knew her name as she became a global sensation.

Ivy survived her wounds! She continued being a priest and blessing those around her with good luck and happiness. She managed to get her limp fixed, although the thoughts of her travels throughout London troubled her and she soon became rather sad, although in the end she didn’t die alone, as she had many family.

Grace didn’t keep in touch, infact you never heard from her until years later when she was making news for being a candidate to be the British Prime Minister. A few years later, she won and began trying to rebuild the country for the better, although she was always haunted by the memory of her sister, which hurt her and drove her to insanity almost everyday, she likes to think Sabrina always “watching over her” is a good thing.

Together, they all hold the memories of the ones they lost. All of those people who you met and lost along the way, their journey, their stories, etched into your hearts and spread across generations, forever, as you are the survivors and this is where your stories end. The End…?

1 YEAR LATER Henrietta takes a walk down a pathway in a forest, she enjoyed the breeze, the birds, the smell of the wood and the rain for earlier. She felt at peace surrounded by the trees and the only thing she can hear are her thoughts.

There was a lake, her favorite lake that she enjoyed spending time by. She loved the way the water rippled and waved when she threw small pebbles and twigs inside. Today was a special day, it was her birthday and she felt as elated as ever.

She sat by the lake, running the tips of her fingers through the water as she admired her reflection. She enjoyed listening as the small river which led from the lake to the ocean sounded around her, the water crashing against the rocks.

“Happy birthday.” She whispered to herself, removing her fingers from the water and watching as the waves settled.

She looked at her reflection, as if she was in the water that was several feet down into the ground. She smiled, blinking at the water as she noticed something different about her reflection, something new and exciting. A face she hadn’t seen in one whole year. Wessy stared back at her, his whole body standing in the lake. She smiled, a tear running down her face.

“I missed you.”

The End.



  • Outlast was originally going to be the 44th season of After the Dark, but due to schedule issues with Rising Tide and Endless Night, it was pushed back, and The Purge and The Deluge were added, pushing Outlast back to being the 46th season. When The Purge was cancelled, Outlast was moved back to being the 45th season.
  • James was not in the Airport/Merged Group chat during the season at all due to Purry accidentally adding the wrong James and the Airport Group never moving chats. However, he still managed to survive.