After the Dark: Rising Tide
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People 24
Situation Underwater search.
Seahorse Group
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After the Dark: Rising Tide is the fourty-second season of After the Dark.



Seahorse GroupEdit

Person Age Skillset Trait Status
28 Olympic champion From Italy. Speaks French.
Has trained fencing since she was of young age.
Gave birth to Lana.
28 Computer programmer From Ireland.
Has mastered three martial arts.
29 Marine biologist From Azerbaijan.
Also has a very good understanding on botanics.
28 Physician From South Korea.
Can perform emergency surgeries with few items.
25 Sous chef From France.
Learned how to throw knives as a kid.
"LeShandria Black"
29 Bounty hunter Speaks Latin. From the USA.
Is extremely agile.
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27 Lifeguard From the USA. Speaks Spanish.
Competed in the 2016 Olympics as a swimmer.
"Jon Wildcock"
40 Linguist From the UK.
Is the only living person who can read the Atlantic language.
Day 36
Died of burn wounds.
35 Chemist From Greece.
Is a specialist on folklore and myths.
Day 36
Soul taken.
26 Interpreter From the USA.
Can speak sign language and read lips.
Knows morse code.
Day 36
Stabbed in the stomach.
"The Princess"
21 Movie celebrity From Germany.
Payed her way into the search. Very famous and influential.
Day 36
Stabbed in the stomach.
22 Radio operator Speaks Latin. From Venezuela.
Understands electrical rewiring.
Day 26
Shot in the back.
Olga (1)
28 Pharmaceutist From Russia.
Knows the treatment to any pathological disease.
Day 22
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32 Chef Speaks Ewe.
Is rumoured to have put LSD in his meals before.
Day 17
Blown up.
Armand (dr and rt)
Sean the Artic Fox
24 Firearms expert From Germany.
Smuggled three machine guns in his bag.
Day 17
Internal bleeding.
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35 Geologist From Sudan. Speaks Mandarin.
Can identify any type of rock or geographical faults.
Day 15
Burned to death.
37 Historian From Japan.
Owns a book that talks about the secrets of Atlantis.
Day 15
Shot in the head.
" Ally"
25 Fashion designer From Italy.
Was a cheerleader in high school.
Day 15
Shot in the head.
I guess- (1)
27 Mechanic From Spain.
Knows the entire layout of the submarine.
Day 14
Large 1605482
32 Demolitions expert Speaks Afrikaans.
Carries a secret stache of all types of explosives with him.
Day 14
31 Civil engineer From the Netherlands.
Is an amateur bodybuilder.
Day 14
36 Librarian From the USA.
Has a good grisp on the Latin language.
Day 12
Dakota Finland
24 Barrelman From Syria.
Is very good at climbing.
Day 4
Shot to death.
26 Shipwright From Poland.
Is able to fix any leaks that occur inside of the submarine.
Day 4
Fell to death.



Picture Name (Age) Skillset Trait(s) Description Status Fate
Ship mechanic From France. Can fix pretty much any problem related to metal.
Is Lana's father.
A cordial male that deals with abandonment issues, but is very dedicated to his relationships with others. Survived Escaped Atlantis and was rescued.
Second-in-command lieutenant From Russia. Is proficient in close-combat and shooting. A strong, bossy woman whose commitment to the mission is far more important to her than her life. She will do anything to make sure things work out. Deceased
Day 21
Stabbed by Diamond.
Holding LeShandria at gun point for thinking she was sabotaging the group, Diamond threw a knife at Svetlana, causing her to not shoot LeShandria, fall down, and die, saying her regrets to Dani and Purry.
Radio operator From the USA. Is a communications expert. A shady old woman who has become an avid smoker to the point she uses an electric cigarette not to die. She is bothered by everything. Deceased
Day 18
Blown up.
Due to the train's bomb not being disabled and her lack of desire to continue the expedition, Ethel remained inside of the train as it reached the station and exploded.
Commander From Spain.
Has a prosthetic hand. Great at marksmanship.
A man who has seen much in his life, he lives for his mission. Deceased
Day 14
When the escape pod got attacked by Angst, Cesar fulfilled his original promise of the captain staying behind on the ship, and drowned with it.
Bartender Comes from Nice, France. N/A Deceased
Day 3
Neck snapped.
Due to giving out too much information to Dani, he was seen as a traitor by some crew members, who killed him the next day.


Picture Name (Age) Skillset Trait(s) Description Status Fate
Motivational speaker From Japan.
Has an eloquent manner of speaking. Good with traps and woodshop.
A supportive and upbeat lady, her wits, ability to make traps and skills with a spoon are just the tip of the iceberg. Survived Escaped Atlantis and was rescued.
Reporter From Italy.
Can pick locks. Has a working talent on mimicking people's voices.
An inquisitive woman and a straightshooter whose need to find out what is the truth is bigger than her fear of danger. Survived Escaped Atlantis and was rescued.
Cartographer From India.
Has a decent knowledge on geology. Knows the radius of Atlantis' location. Skilled in martial arts.
A brave and determined girl that feels trust and friendship are some of the biggest factors in the expedition. Survived Escaped Atlantis and was rescued.
None Currently has a vocabulary of only six words. A mysterious and enigmatic person who suddenly appeared in the group. She has a very small vocabulary and is only referred to as the 'green-haired girl'. What is the deal with her? Survived Escaped Atlantis and was rescued.
Translator From Austria
Is able to speak up to 27 languages, but not English. Also suffers from PTSD.
An intelligent young lad who can speak many languages, but not one of the most common. He comes off as kind hearted, but there's more than meets the eye. Deceased
Day 36
Soul taken.
While standing in front of the volcano, Ruben sacrificed himself so Wesley could live, dying in the process.
Tina Pepper
Hostess Has an athletic and flexible body. Missing a foot. An energetic grown woman who loves to lipsync, have a good time and certainly signed up for the wrong voyage. Deceased
Day 23
Hanged by Wesley.
Wesley, while being pressured by Ruben to push a button, chose the wrong one, causing Tina Pepper's support to be let loose, as she hanged by a rope tied to her neck.
Book author From Australia.
Wrote a book on Atlantis. Is a very good swimmer.
A courageous and gentle man, he is always worried about the well-being of others around him and will go extreme lengths to ensure their safety. Deceased
Day 21
Ran out of oxygen.
After realizing someone had to be left behind, Archie and Celia manipulated the vote so that Archie would be left behind while the underwater temple flooded.
College student From New Zealand. Daughter of a crew member. N/A Deceased
Day 21
As she was one of the riders captured by Angst, she, alongside the rest of them, were suffocated in a room, while Olga was outside.
Nanobiotechnologist From Russia.
Has a devoted passion for underground fighting.
A kind individual who has a particularly devoted interest in Olga. Deceased
Day 18
Shot by Olga.
Forced to prove her loyalty to Angst, Olga had to shoot Viktor, thus passing her training.
Documentarist From the UK.
Is a folklore specialist. Somewhat athletic.
Embarassing and comedic, he is often the unlucky one of the group, always taking things lightly, but still eager to help. Deceased
Day 17
Blown up.
Injured and weak, Aaron was left behind by his group on the train as an attack was coming. Kaffe ran inside to try and carry him out, but it was too late, as the train blew up shortly after.


Picture Name (Age) Skillset Trait(s) Description Status Fate
Singer Lives on an island. A calm and collected individual who may come off as offensive sometimes. He feels as if he owes Pyrargyrite his life. Deceased
Day 36
Due to his injuries, Octavio passed out on the streets of Atlantis, and was left behind by his group, shortly after being exploded by the bombs.


Person Age Skillset Trait Status
Maxim 35 Captain Is the leader of Angst. Deceased
Day 36
Burned in volcano.
Luca 32 Marksman Is one of the best shooters alive and has deadly reflexes. Deceased
Day 36
Soul taken.
Fantina 29 Therapist Is extremely proficient at eloquency. Deceased
Day 36
Soul taken.
Leon 34 Coach Is very athletic. Deceased
Day 36
Soul taken.
Rain 23 Boxer Is a sadist. Deceased
Day 36
Killed by Celia.

Other NPC'sEdit

Person Age Skillset Trait Status
Maurice 24 Housekeeper Worked for Dani's father. Survived
Nathaniel's mother 64 Housewife Is Nathaniel's mother. Survived


Person Age Skillset Trait Status
Chance 31 None Is a parrot.
Can repeat what people say.
Lucky 4 None Is a cat. Found in Athens.
Named by Diamond.


Day 1Edit

  • Wesley sees a book on top of Ruben's bed after entering his room. Leave it there or peek inside?
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 3Edit

  • Dakota can hear heavy breathing on the outside. Open the door or hide inside the room?
  • Dakota and Olga stand in front of the man that tried to attack Dakota. Cut the man's throat or leave him alive and tie him up?
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 4Edit

  • Armand hangs on the doorknob for dear life. Keep holding on or let go or kick Kaeden off or kick Nicholas off or kick both off?
  • Kaeden hangs on Armand for dear life. Kick Nicholas off or let go or pull Armand down or climb up Armand or keep holding on?
  • Armand holds Kaffe's hand while Aaron pulls on Kaffe's legs. Armand climbs up or Kaffe lets go off Armand or keep holding on?
  • Group 4 hears rooms outside their room being broken inside, followed by gunshots. Take cover and get ready to shoot or hide or patiently wait for imminent death?
  • Group 4 has little time to escape. Leave Aaron or carry him with you or wait inside of the room?
  • Groups 1, 2 and 3 hear beeping. Stay inside of the room or leave?
  • Groups 5 and 6 hear beeping. Stay inside or leave?
  • The bigger group sees a bomb on the hallway door, despite they don't know how much time is left before it explodes. Run down the hallway or take another path?
  • The bigger group hear footsteps ahead and beeping to the left. Head towards the footsteps or the beeping?
  • The group stand in the stairwell. Head up to the first floor or head into the second floor or head down?

Day 5Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 6Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 7Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 8Edit

  • A small group find water coming from underneath Jon's door. Open the door or leave?
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 9Edit

  • Armand & Kaffe stand before the arcade, seeing a hole on one of the walls and a large flipperama machine knocked down. Head inside of the arcade or back away?
  • Kaffe stands in a sticky situation as books begin falling down and the library looks as if it will trap him forever. Run left or right?
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 10Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 11Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 12Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 13Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 14Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 15Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 16Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 17Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 18Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 19Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 20Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 21Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 22Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 23Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 24Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 25Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 26Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 27Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 28Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 29Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 30Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 31Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 32Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 33Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 34Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 35Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Day 36Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Seahorse LayoutEdit

First Floor - EnginesEdit

  • Escape Pods Room
  • Unknown Rooms

Second Floor - OperationsEdit

  • Operations Base
  • Archives
  • Unknown Rooms

Third Floor - RestingEdit

  • Athena Wing
  • Zeus Wing
  • Apollo Wing
  • Demeter Wing
  • Poseidon Wing
  • Hermes Wing
  • Hades Wing
  • Trash Room

Fourth Floor - MorgueEdit

  • Capsules
  • Fifth Floor Passage

Fifth Floor - LeisureEdit

  • Arcade
    • Abandoned Library
  • Gym
    • Communal Showers
  • Computer Room
  • Common Room
  • Art Room
  • Game Room
  • Music Room
  • Morgue Passage
  • Infirmary

Sixth Floor - ResearchEdit

  • Library
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Locked Room
  • Locked Room
  • Locked Room
  • Wardrobe Room

Seventh Floor - EntertainmentEdit

  • Bar
  • Casino
  • Ballroom
  • Ballet Room
    • Storage Room
  • Dance Room
  • Disco

Eight Floor - CulinaryEdit

  • Kitchen
  • Unknown Rooms

Ninth Floor - NourishmentEdit

  • Le Petit Sirène
  • Ratatouille
  • Sparkling Diamonds
  • Cafeteria 1
  • Cafeteria 2



  • After a best-selling book and a famous movie kickstarted the search for Atlantis, specialists from all over the world reunited to figure out if there really is an Atlantis. After some months and getting funds for the construction of a gigantic submarine, these same specialists and well-known experts from all over the world were asked to participate in the trip, whilst some managed to into the ship by either winning a reward or buying their way in.
  • The Seahorse Group stand in a dock area, waiting to enter the submarine, as they notice the crew members are calling each of them one by one. Knowing this, they go out to meet some riders.
  • Dani meets Jourdain. After a small talk switching between French and English, Jourdain gives Dani a hug and heads inside of the ship.
  • Wesley calls outloud, in Azerbaijani, for someone to help him carry his plants. Ruben eventually heads to his aid and helps carry the pots, as they strike a conversation on botanics. Dakota eventually joins both of them and joins the call, until Ruben is called to the submarine and leaves.
  • Pyrargyrite tries several times to do certain things with sign language that just shouldn't be done.
  • LeShandria Black confronts a crew member that has an harpoon gun, to no avail.
  • Olga looks for someone who is sick and finds a person coughing. After an analysis, she figures out they just have a cold.
  • Armand hears someone laughing behind him. Turning around, he notices it is Aaron and Ivette watching a video. After a small chat, The Princess shows up in the conversation and Aaron is flabbergasted by her presence. He does a traditional bow alike in The Princess's movie, as Ivette looks in disappointment towards him.
  • Kaffe looks shady in the back of the dock.
  • Konner reads his book on Atlantis, finding something about Atlantis being hidden in a "water pocket".
  • Jon Wildcock goes towards Archie and begins talking about his book, in an invasive manner that makes Archie slightly disturbed.
  • Diamond finds out she can speak French.
  • Kaffe finds out that he has some things on him that he does not recall the slightest of bringing. He finds LSD in his underwear and a knife strapped in duct tape to his leg.
  • After being called and not heading towards the ship, two crew members, larger than Nicholas himself, carry him to the ship.
  • Saying their goodbyes to each other, the Seahorse Group enters the submarine.
  • Upon arriving, they notice the submarine's inside resembles an actual cruise, sans for the first and second floors. After the commanders introduces himself and his second-in-command, a guide warns the riders and the group what to do.
  • While arguing with Nathaniel, Kaffe brings out a stuffed pig from his backpack.
  • The group explore the ship a bit.
  • Mickey arrives to find a drunken bartender on the bar. Soon afterwards, two crew members drag this bartender away.

Day 1 - The Bomb, the Translator and the WardrobeEdit

  • The group had a comfortable first night on board. Archie strangely woke up with his shirt off and a head injury, finding his book thrown on the ground and a sleeping Jon Wildcock in his room. Knowing something clearly happened, Archie decided to leave early for the day.
  • As they wake up, The Seahorse Group find the ship to not be moving. This is followed by a very large shaking on the ship, accompanied by two gunshots. This prompts riders from the bedroom floor to rush upstairs, in a mob-manner.
  • Wesley quickly looks for a crew member, but has no luck doing so, and is pushed by the mob of riders that are rushing by the floor. He is trampled by several of them, before someone helps him out. He recognizes it to be Leeya.
  • Armand tries to find Cesar in the third floor, but the same thing that happened to Wesley happens to him.
  • Leeya pulls Wesley to her bedroom and tells him that he needs to go to the restaurants.
  • The group, carried by the mob, head up the stairs. Five shots are heard during this. Armand notices one woman falling from the 8th floor on the stairs down to the 5th. She assumes she is dead. The group get to the restaurants, and hide there. They realize Talal is not with them.
  • Jon stalkingly looks for Archie.
  • Nathaniel begins to talk about sirens, hearing Aaron's reply about it. Wesley notices Ruben leaving the restaurant.
  • Wesley disappears from the group.
  • Dani notices special reporter Ivette from Italy running with a book away from the restaurant. Purry follows her.
  • LeShandria Black gets up from her table, awkwardly does an intro for herself, then sits down.
  • Blake and Dakota try to enter the kitchen, but find the door locked. The group hear another gunshot.
  • Purry meets up with Ivette to find out she is picking the lock to a door on the 6th floor. She suceeds, and both head in.
  • Some people at the restaurant grab table knives.
  • LeShandria and Diamond chase Dani.
  • The group hear the phone ring. The voice of a man can be heard saying from the other side they have 5 minutes to bring an expert in explosives to them. It then calls again, warning they now have 2 minutes, and it's the first floor. The group begin discussing the issue at hand.
  • John begins heading down the stairwell, making noise with the glass steps. He eventually reaches the ground floor and is shocked to see the scenario. Eight bodies are laying on the floor, as Ruben is seen standing in the middle of two groups, one comprised of the commander and second-in-command, motivational speaker Himiko, cartographer Leeya and Aaron, while the other group seems to be comprised of unknown people, that come in a very large number. John thinks they are around 40, though. On the middle of the floor, a small C4 bomb is easily seen. A man, seemingly the leader of the larger group, tells John to rewire the bomb to 50 esconds.
  • John succesfully rewires the C4. The man in front of him then takes it, walking backwards, as he and his group begin entering through a tube on the wall, seemingly linking two submarines. After some last remarks, he leaves with the group. Svetlana, in rage, punches the wall.
  • Aaron tries to explain the situation at hand while dealing with the corpses.
  • Svetlana explains that this group of people funded the expedition, but as soon as they figured they were actually just bounty hunters, they denied the other end of the deal, which was a ride on the ship. She then says it is strange they managed to still have money left. The riders are then thrown out of the 1st floor
  • Dakota sees people are on the 6th floor walking by. They notice that a particular door with the sign "Do Not Enter" is opened. Dakota and Kaeden enter the room. They are shocked as they see two large water tanks of a very dark blue water inside of the room. As Dakota and Kaeden venture deeper into the room, they notice a necklace that they recognize, but can't quite make out whose it is, inside of a water tank. As they keep going, they find some plants with special lamps growing in the room. They spot a wardrobe at the end of the room and hear something from inside of it. Kaeden opens the wardrobe to find some tribal clothes. They can't figure out what the sound was, but leave.
  • Kaffe heads into the kitchen and intimidates the other cooks, making them feel bad about themselves.
  • Talal offers Kaffe some casino coins.
  • Mickey accidentally creates a program to hack into the system of the ship.
  • Kaffe makes a totem with a spoon.
  • Mickey goes to the bar and meets both a skinny woman and an obese man.
  • Diamond has a dream where she throws a knife into the heart of a man called Jack, killing him before he convinces a boy named Justin to commit suicide.
  • The lady tells Mickey something about "hoping they don't die like last time". She then leaves. Suspicious, Mickey goes to the restaurants to look for her, but only hears a strange noise, finding Ivette shortly afterwards.
  • Nathaniel and Pyrargyrite find out the 5th floor is a leisure room.
  • Dani writes a piece of paper to leave at the first floor, but Diamond tries to rob it from her, and the two begin to fight. A mechanic shows up and takes the paper after saying some stuff in another language.
  • Wesley knocks on Leeya's room and finds it ajar. After not finding Leeya inside, he goes to Ruben's room, and also finds it ajar. Inside, he sees a book. He decides to take a peak inside of the book.
  • Armand follows Aaron into his room for a reason. Inside, he hides under the bed so he is not caught. He witnesses Aaron singing. After a while, he tries to make ghost noises, prompting Aaron to freak out. Soon, Armand witnesses a shot being fired in front of him, to the ground. He then reveals it's him, and Armand finds out Aaron knows about Armand's guns.
  • Wesley pours a plant fertilizer mixture inside of Mickey's throat.
  • Wesley and Pyrargyrite check the 2nd floor. They find it to give an eery feeling, and hear footsteps.
  • Dani gets wasted and Ally has to take care of her.
  • Mickey feels attraction for the bartender.
  • The Princess looks for Aaron, to no avail.
  • Ally and the bartender help Mickey sit down.
  • Armand finds out all books on Atlantis are gone, taken by someone.
  • TBA

Day 2 - Breakfast at Ivette'sEdit

  • Upon waking up, the group realize that each bedroom has a surveillance camera, a speaker and a seat attached to the wall with seatbelts, for emergencies. They hear an announcement from Commander Cesar explaining what happened yesterday, stating it was the works of Angst, a bounty hunter mercenary group. He also states that the 4th floor is where the corpses of the dead will be kept, and that a missing necklace has been found and the owner should go to the 2nd floor to get it.
  • When they get the to restaurant, they notice Ivette calling for Wesley, Purry and Dani to sit with her. Archie, Ruben and Leeya seem to be in another table, while Aaron and Himiko are in another.
  • Nathaniel, Mickey, Jay, Konner and Hyoyeon sit with Aaron and Himiko. Jon and Dakota sit with Archie, Leeya and Ruben.
  • Diamond, upon arriving in the kitchen, finds an old cook enemy of hers, Ambre.
  • Hyoyeon begins bonding with Himiko, and after a small talk with her, starts feeling sexually aroused.
  • Mickey joins Ivette's table.
  • As Dakota heads to Ivette's table, he notices complete silence. All that happens is Ivette grabs a piece of paper, writes something on it, then bends it so it stands up on its own, facing Dakota. Ivette gives a smile to Dakota, and as he reads the paper, he notices it says "Private Conversation, Please Do Not Disturb".
  • Jon gives Archie a gift.
  • Nathaniel and Pyrargyrite head to the chemistry lab. Nathaniel checks the storage, and ends up taking perchloride acid with him.
  • Diamond steals some knives.
  • Kaffe rips a hole on his pants while inside of the food-keeping room, whilst dropping a box with cans of food. He calls out the incompetence of western cooks and gets a needle and thread to fix it.
  • Hyoyeon and Himiko go to an infirmary on the 5th floor.
  • Kaffe heads to the second floor, Talal following behind. They get the same eery feeling others did, and hear footsteps. Kaffe leaves.
  • Dani goes to the bar to drown her sorrows, talking a bit with the bartender, who reveals his name is Michel. After asking if he saw a crew member, he stated a mechanic came to the bar a while ago, and still left their glass cup. Michel then comments how lucky mechanics are to be able to enter the operations room, and makes a remark about how someone would try to enter the operations room eventually. Dani, trying not to look suspicious, asks for the cup, which she notices is smudged with a black fingerprint. She gets it.
  • Purry heads into the arcade, and Armand runs into her, knocking them both to the ground. Afterwards, Mickey and Ivette appear, but soon leave from the arcade.
  • John goes to the computer room and finds Mickey checking his e-mail. John confronts Mickey about it, but gets to nothing. He then leaves.
  • Purry leaves and builds a fort in her room. Armand watches Olga entering with a doctor mask. They move a game machine in the arcade, revealing a hole leading into a pitch black room. Olga heads inside, noticing it to be an abandoned library. She grabs a book that she can't quite make out the name, and figures out that, if not handled by someone that is a specialist on books, she could destroy the book.
  • Talal enters an unlocked room in the second floor, then leaves.
  • TBA

Day 3 - The Last Room on the SeaEdit

  • The group wakes up to an announcement telling them to stay in their rooms for the day.
  • Dakota wakes up to someone knocking on his door.
  • Wesley and Mickey go sit with Ivette, Ruben and Leeya. Hyoyeon and Nathaniel join.
  • Pyrargyrite tries to sit under the table of where Ivette and the rest are, but as she does so, she feels several kicks to her head, as she passes out under the table. Talal suffers the same fate shortly afterwards.
  • Dakota decides to hide inside of his room, locking himself in the bathroom. He breaks the glass wall leading to the shower in his bathroom and takes a glass shard. Just as he does this, a blonde figure, with a robust face, enters the bathroom with a knife. Despite Dakota's pleas, the man just swings his knife at Dakota twice, missing at first, but cutting Dakota's shoulder afterwards, as Olga watches from outside the bathroom. Dakota backs up from the man, but in a bathroom so small, escape is not an option. He dodges two blows from the knife of the man, and watches as he tries to stab with the glass shard and the man slams his hand onto the wall, breaking the shard and injuring Dakota's hand. The man gets ready for one final blow, when suddenly, he collapses to the ground. Behind him, Dakota watches as Olga removes a syringe from the man's neck, clearly having tranquilized him.
  • Kaffe tries to sneak into the first floor despite being off-limits, and watches as the crew members that work down there knock him out.
  • John and Ally tie the man up with bedsheets.
  • Whilst passing by the infirmary, Dakota notices the door to the computer room is shattered.
  • The Princess goes to the arcade to get some machine cables to better tie up the hostage. She returns and they realize this is much stronger.
  • Dani heads to the bar, but doesn't find Michel, and instead finds a new bartender.
  • Dani and Armand both hear a huge thud coming from the casino. They investigate, finding a trail of blood. They follow it to the stairwell, seeing something was dropped to the 3rd floor. Dani and Armand follow as Dani notices Armand has a machine gun in hand. They make their way to the third floor, as the people near the hostage realize he is not breathing. Dani and Armand reach the third floor to see a corpse of a man whose neck was snapped and whose head suffered a head injury, having a lot of blood coming out of his mouth. Dani realizes it is Michel's body.
  • TBA

Day 4 - Rider on the RoofEdit

  • The day starts off at the night, as Dani and Armand gasp at the sight of Michel's body. Himiko and Leeya shortly arrive, shocked by the scenery. The submarine shakes very hard this time around, and after some time, they realize Michel's body started to slide across the hallway. It doesn't take long for them to realize the submarine is tilting.
  • The hostage is left behind as the Seahorse Group all meet in the area that Dani and Armand are. The ship tilts more.
  • They decide to head towards the spiral staircase. Dani and Himiko, being closer to the stairs, manage to start going down, but as the the ship tilts over more, they are forced to hold on to the rails of the stairwell so they won't fall. Meanwhile, the rest of the group, trying to go to the stairs, face firsthand the effects of gravity, as Aaron and Armand fall down on the group, who also fall sideways. Aaron and Armand fall on top of both Kaeden and Nicholas, as they slide down the hallway, the ship being sideways currently. Aaron manages to grab hold of a doorknob of this wing's hallway, and holds himself from falling to certain death with it. Armand also grabs one, but Kaeden and Nicholas both have to grab his feet so they don't fall down.
  • Kaffe throws a totem down the hallway, hoping to hit Kaeden in the hand, but it misses and just falls down in the ground, far away. Kaeden begins to pull Armand down. Nicholas tries his best to hang on, while Kaeden begins pulling on Armand's leg, adding weight and weight to the doorknob, which begins to feel as if it will deattach from the door. Instinctively, Armand begins to shake his right leg, doing his best to kick Kaeden off of it. After a lot of struggle, Armand manages to make Kaeden let go, as Armand kicks Kaeden in the face and Kaeden free falls into the hallway, reaching the ground as he hits a metal door, splattering on it. Armand keeps holding on to a doorknob, as Nicholas keeps holding on to his leg. Dani and Himiko start letting go off the railing.
  • Kaffe, The Princess, Leeya, Archie and Ivette jump the gap to the side Armand is hanging on and form a human rope. It is not enough, though.
  • Olga asks Jay about a book he inspected and she finds out it talks about a journey to Atlantis in the 90's, in a ship called the Starfish, and it lists several findings, such as some relics and minerals. It mostly talks about Atlantic culture, despite it seems like the submarine sank on the way back.
  • Holding on to The Princess's hand, Kaffe puts his feet to the wall and begins positioning himself. In the right moment, he uses the impulse to jump towards Aaron. He does his best, and grabs onto Aaron's leg, however, as he does so, the doorknob wears out and him and Aaron begin falling down. Kaffe manages to fall on the Athena wing hallway, as Aaron falls and holds on to the hallway's ledge. Kaffe helps him up.
  • Nicholas, knowing the weight will very likely cause the doorknob to break, lets go off Armand and begins falling. He quickly tries to time it right, attempting to grab the doorknobs underneath him. He tries the first one, but is too late. He is also too late for the second one. He misses the third one. He, however, manages to grab hold of the fourth one with his right hand, however, just as he does so, he realizes the effects from the impulse of the fall. As he holds on with his right hand, Nicholas feels his wrist moving out of place, and by instinct, he lets go off it. However, due to wearing out the impulse on the door above, Nicholas grabs the doorknob underneath him with his left hand. He won't be able to hold on to this doorknob only having one hand though, but notices he is around 6 doors from the ground, even though he would still die from the fall. This gives Armand more time, however. Not doing anything, Himiko and Dani also let go off the railing of the stairwell. Himiko falls to the ground and sprains her ankle, as Dani falls on top of her, very likely making that injury worse, but Dani is cushioned by the fall.
  • The human ladder dissolves itself, helping each other out. Aaron holds to Kaffe's legs, as Kaffe reaches out his hand to Armand. Being somewhat heavy and lacking a lot of exercise, Armand jumps and barely misses Kaffe's hand. However, while grabbing the hand, Armand's weight pulls Kaffe down, as Aaron struggles to keep both of them hanging on, and does not have the strenght to pull back, all he can do is hang on from the hallway, as his body is laying down on both Kaffe and Armand.
  • Nicholas, trying his best to hold on to the doorknob, twists it, opening the door. The door comes down, however, the impact of the door causes Nicholas to let go off the doorknob. He falls, passing by a door, but manages to grab on to another doorknob, injuring his left hand a bit, but not as much as his right hand was.
  • Armand starts to climb up. Due to the overall weight of Armand, Aaron has an awful time holding on to them, however, his previous athleticism ends up helping a bit, as he manages to keep holding on as Armand gets up. Armand enters the hallway, and then, Aaron helps Kaffe up, as the three of them are now all in the hallway. They feel the floor being steep and leading them to tilt again, though.
  • Nicholas, using his bodybuilding athleticism, manages to push enough force onto the wall and jumps towards a hallway, landing in it, but injuring his left more.
  • Eventually, the ship tilts again, turning it to be upside down.
  • The group hear footsteps coming from the stairwell.
  • They decide to split up to hide. The groups:
    • Konner, Dani, John, Jon, Blake and Alteros - Group 1 (Dani's room)
    • Nicholas, The Princess, Wesley, Ivette, Himiko and Talal - Group 2 (Ivette's room)
    • Jay, Olga, Leeya and Diamond - Group 3 (Olga's room)
    • Dakota, Aaron, Kaffe, Nathaniel and Armand - Group 4 (Nathaniel's room)
    • Hyoyeon, Ruben, LeShandria and Mickey - Group 5 (Mickey's room)
    • Archie, Pyrargyrite, Ally and Purry - Group 6 (Archie's room)
  • Group 4 listen to the outside and hear shooting after the sound of room being broken inside.
  • The group decide to take cover in the already clearly visible room. As there are 5 of them, Nathaniel and Kaffe cover inside of the bathroom, Nathaniel taking the acid with him, as Aaron covers behind the bookcase, and Dakota and Armand cover behind the DVD case. Soon enough, the lock to the room is broken, and two men enter the room, dressed in black shirts, mercenary-like, and begin shooting inside, randomly. Aaron and Armand quickly engage in a very quick gunfiring, as the two men aim towards them. Armand manages to fire a gunshot to one of the men's head, as he drops to the ground, but the other man shoots towards the direction that Armand is, hitting Dakota five times in the chest, as Dakota falls down to the ground, dying a few seconds afterwards. However, this gives times for Aaron to shoot the man, hitting him in the chest, but Aaron realizes he is not bothered by this shot, as the man fires a shot and the group watches as Aaron drops to the ground. The man begins shooting towards where Armand is, despite Armand manages to take cover, as Nathaniel throws the acid bottle he carries from the bathroom, hitting the man straight in the face. The man shrugs it off at first, shooting towards the bathroom and hitting Nathaniel in the shoulder, going back to try and get closer to the case so he can shoot Armand, but soon enough, the man stops, trying to clean his face, as it begins burning and being corrosive to his face. The man's faceskin begins peeling off and he screams in pain, with blood soon coming out of it, and in a matter of minutes, the man drops down dead to the floor. More footsteps are be heard in the hallway nearby, and Group 3 hear footsteps on the hallway outside of their room as well. Armand checks Aaron's pulse and finds it to be there. He notices the bullet grazed by Aaron's neck and the shock caused him to pass out. Kaffe tends to Nathaniel's wound, not very well, though. Suddenly, blood starts to come out of Nathaniel's, Armand's, Kaffe's and even Aaron's noses. Probably the work of the acid.
  • Armand carries Aaron, as Kaffe and Nathaniel take guns. They avoid the acid and leave the corpse's guns, and go on the hallway. As soon as they head to the hallway, they continue hearing footsteps, heading towards them. Nathaniel then coughs, spewing some blood as he does so. More blood comes out of their noses, including Aaron's. Suddenly, the foursome hears a strange beeping start nearby, which they can't tell what it is at first.
  • Talal calls to Ivette, who heads towards him and threatens him, telling him to stay away from the others.
  • Groups 1, 2 and 3 run out of their rooms, hearing beeping nearby. Surprisingly, they seem to see each other on the hallway to this wing.They do spot something on the roof (the old floor), as they see Kaffe running to the something on the roof, with Nathaniel and Armand carrying Aaron right behind them. Kaffe checks the thing on the roof, and notices it to be a C4. At first, counting 50, it starts to count down. The four groups merge. Groups 5 and 6 hear beeping.
  • John quickly heads to the bomb. 45 seconds remain. He quickly realizes this is exactly like the bomb he rewired, which is an issue. The cables are strong and projected so they will only be able to be cut by strong pliers, making that not an option for stopping it. The C4 is covered in a plastic case, and John can tell that, if broken, it will trigged the motion-sensor to explode the C4 immediately. John isn't able to do anything about it. 41 seconds remain. The rest of the group, in the meantime, rush towards the staircase, but see a bomb on top of the hallway door.
  • Group 5 and 6 leave their rooms.
  • The bigger group decide to take another path. They go back, meeting up with John, and go down another hallway. 36 seconds remain. They begin running down and hear footsteps on the path ahead of them, and beeping coming from the path on the left. 32 seconds remain. As they arrive in this crossway, they hear an explosion on their wing that, albeit not big, seemed to be coming from the bomb they saw, and from running, they would probably have been blown up if they ran by it, and realize they did the right choice. They decide to head towards the footsteps and meet up with Group 5. 26 seconds remain. Group 6 walks around aimlessly.
  • The group, sans Group 6, heads towards the stairwell, reaching the area where Dani and Armand found Michel's body. 22 seconds remains. Group 6 run away, in the opposite direction, but are stopped as C4 explodes at the end of the hallway, not injuring them, but causing them to be covered in smoke and stopping them from orientating themselves accordingly. Group 6 move, randomly, through the hallways. 14 seconds remain. They run into a random hallway, head left, and upon exiting it, they realize they are in an elevator area. 10 seconds remain. They look around and find out that the rest of the group are not in this area. Archie, Pyrargyrite, Ally and Purry look around desperately for somewhere to go, but notice they can only go ahead due to the smoke coming from the other wing. They look around each other and close their eyes. A huge explosion is heard, as the lights in the floor go out. Both groups stand in pitch black silence, covered in smoke, as Group 6 can faintly see a flashlight pointing at them. And, from the gas, in darkness, they notice someone in a black shirt pointing a gun and the flashlight at them. Soon afterwards, Group 6 is apprehended and knocked out, despite Pyrargyrite spots the 2nd floor before she goes unconscious.
  • The rest of the group, the only one conscious, hear footsteps. The group decide to run from the footsteps, heading up, towards the first floor. As they begin climbing the stairwell, however, making a bit of noise with them, they realize that there are several people on the second floor that outnumber them.
  • The group decide to head towards the first floor. While at first, their footsteps go unnoticed, it soon hits them that the amount of people going up at the same time would be noticed by the crew on the 2nd floor. Armand, Alteros, LeShandria, Hyoyeon, Olga, Kaffe, Jay and The Princess make it towards the first floor, however, as they arrive there, they are bombared by gunfiring. Alteros is shot in the stomach as the rest of the group have to retreat to the stairwell, and a gunfiring ensues. While climbing, Talal, Blake and Diamond are noticed by the people on the 2nd floor and clearly make out their footsteps on the metal floor. Gun firing ensues, as Talal and Blake are shot, Talal in the leg, Blake in the shoulder, as they fall down the stairwell. Diamond manages to dodge the shots coming towards her and throws a kitchen knife she pulls out of her bra. It flies into the darkness, but someone heard gagging shows that it hit someone. The back group is forced to retreat to the 3rd floor, where more footsteps can be heard. Meanwhile, Alteros, Armand and LeShandria trade bullets with the other shooting group, despite Alteros is injured and his shots are messy and random. Armand manages to hit a couple of shots, as does LeShandria, despite Armand, being the expert, kills more. Hyoyeon, Olga, Kaffe, Jay and The Princess are forced to take cover on the stairwell behind them, as this group is trapped and stuck in their location.
  • Hyoyeon gets the tweezers from Alteros. With a lot of struggle, and having to put a cloth on Altero's mouth, Hyoyeon manages to remove the bullet from his stomach and patch it up with some bandages and medical supplies she had. Talal and Blake get the jackets wrapped on their injuries, it doesn't help much, but the blood stops coming out as much as it was before. Jay takes Alteros's gun. The other end of the first floor continues to trade shots, despite Armand and LeShandria seem to, surprisingly, have a good upperhand of the situation. This smaller group on the first floor also realize that the shooting has stopped on the second floor, indicating an opening. Meanwhile, the group at the bottom, where Talal and Blake are, hear footsteps approaching from the wings of the third floor.
  • Kaffe, carrying Alteros, alongside Olga, Hyoyeon and The Princess, begin to head down to the 2nd floor, whilst Jay, Armand and LeShandra keep shooting at their enemies. Soon enough, the three see a grenade being thrown towards them, but when it explodes, they realize it is just a smokescreen. With this, the firing stops, but they can't see a thing. Meanwhile, the bottom group head up. The two groups meet each other on the stairwell, and soon hear more footsteps heading towards them coming from deeper into the 2nd floor. Meanwhile, the footsteps from the 3rd floor seem to die down, for some reason.
  • The group rush to the first floor. Doing so quickly, they manage to get there, as they hear gunshots aiming towards the stairwell of the 2nd floor just as the last person passes by. Armand, Jay and LeShandria keep shooting in the screen, but don't get any other shots fired at them. Soon enough, the smoke clears out and the path is pitch black. Some corpses are seen on the floor.
  • They find six corpses. Each of them with a machine gun, a flashlight, a bulletproof vest and two flashbang grenades. The group manage to get the vests and the rest, heading towards the direction of where the escape pods are. However, midway through, they find several corpses on the hallway that leads there. They eavesdrop a slightly opened door nearby.
  • The group carefully enter the door. They watch as they see, as the lights come back on, Svetlana in a room filled with escape pods. They then realize that a gang of people are seen entering a escape pod on the far end of this vast room. They eventually get inside, and soon enough, the escape pod is covered by a metallic wall, engulfed inside a chamber.
  • After a talk with Svetlana, the group learn this was a personal attack. Svetlana grabs a key from Talal and frees Group 6, and the rest go to sleep.

Day 5 - Plump Patricia and the Arcade of SecretsEdit

  • Aaron, Alteros, Blake, Talal and Nathaniel are sent to the infirmary due to being shot, Nicholas and Himiko due to their twisted bones and Kaffe and Armand due to the acid.
  • A group of people from the group sit with Ivette to talk about the mysteries happening on the submarine.
  • Dani goes to the bar and drinks her brains out. LeShandria appears and challenges her for a drink, quickly drawing attention away. The Princess outwits Dani in an argument.
  • Olga and Archie head to the arcade to find Mickey playing on an arcade machine. After a small talk, it is revealed Archie is in fact a virgin.
  • Dani begins crying, as someone comforts her. After looking back, she realizes it is Jourdain. The two rejoice and go to Dani's room.
  • LeShandria gets across the bar and fights the bartender, knocking him out. Crew members look at her, unhappy, as LeShandria flees with Dani's drink.
  • The Princess helps the bartender and receives a standing ovation. Soon afterwards, she continues garnering more ratings.
  • LeShandria and John enter the arcade as well. After a while, Archie and Olga try to leave and realize it is locked. Jon goes towards the arcade and tries to break the door from the other side, but fails. Suddenly, LeShandria pushes Mickey off his game machine and reveals she has the key to the arcade. She kicks everyone out of it.
  • The lights on the submarine begin going on and off randomly, as if someone was tampering with them.
  • Goo Goo Boo tries to enter the first floor, but fails.
  • TBA

Day 6 - LeShandria Black: Shower RaiderEdit

  • News announce the arcade is off-limits.
  • The group notice Talal received a stab wound on his left arm.
  • Hyoyeon takes care of the injured in the infirmary, including Talal, Alteros and Himiko.
  • John checks the computer room, seeing it is destroyed for another time.
  • Blake, Hyoyeon, Himiko and Diamond visit the gym, heading towards the communal showers. They notice there is a specific shower box that looks different from the others. Upon checking its water, they notice it is hot, whilst the other showers have cold water. LeShandria then joins the group.
  • Leeya and Mickey have breakfast together. Archie sits next to them, followed by a stalking Jon.
  • Blake kicks his foot through the tiles, breaking a hole through them. Blake, Hyoyeon and LeShandria enter the room, as Diamond guards it. The group see something shiny inside, alongside the colors of the rainbow. Diamond tries to enter, but the small group leave. When Diamond tries to leave the gym, she finds it to be locked, with a growl being heard shortly afterwards.
  • Pyrargyrite tries to pick a lock on the 6th floor, but fails.
  • Jon looks for Ruben, but doesn't find him.
  • Glass is heard breaking on the 5th floor as the lights go back on, despite the lights go off in the 7th floor.
  • John finds an art room, a locked room and a music room on the 5th floor.
  • Power goes back to the 7th floor and goes out in the 8th.
  • TBA

Day 7 - To Kill A Mythical SnakeEdit

  • The group wake up to news that a stop might have to be made somewhere in the Mediterrean in one of the following days. Cesar also states through the speakers that there have been strange appearances of passengers on the first and second floors.
  • On the Athena wing, the group find the following message carved on the wall: "Archie is G-A-Y and looks to spread it to the rest of the people on board. He has begun by trying to turn our good friend and fellow rider Jon Wildcock to the dark side. Do not consult nor speak to Archie in the future. We must starve off this disease and protect our kind. Such insanity shall not be tolerated in a cruise environment". However, where the word 'cruise' at the end is, it appears another word is behind it. Upon further look, they realize the word behind it is 'school'.
  • The group also see Svetlana on the 3rd floor, roaming the corridors.
  • Aaron and Himiko heal from their wounds.
  • Purry heads to Svetlana and greets her. Svetlana states she is looking for the one tampering with the lights, and asks for Purry's help.
  • Konner visits the computer room and finds, what many have found before, it to be destroyed.
  • Mickey talks to Leeya about needing someone to perform a DNA test.
  • As Purry and Svetlana head towards a room, Wesley appears and decides to hang out with them. Wesley then whispers something in Svetlana's ear, as she prompts Purry to find someone. After she leaves, the lights on the 3rd floor go out. Wesley begins freaking out and Svetlana subdues him, having him on a hand lock.
  • Hyoyeon sits in the infirmary, trying to figure out a mysterious music box's sound.
  • Jon and Purry arrive to where Wesley and Svetlana are. Wesley confirms it was Jon. Jon leads Svetlana into his room, where the group find Archie inside. Svetlana starts to check the room, as Wesley falls down to the ground, seemingly having an epiletic attack. Jon tries to check on him, but finds out he is not very good at this. Svetlana finishes searching the room and finds nothing strange on it.
  • The lights on the 3rd floor start strobbing.
  • Wesley sits on Ruben's lap after getting a bottle of vodka in the bar. Ruben is in a table with Plump Patricia, Olga and Leeya. Plump Patricia is seen taking vodka from her shirt, and begins to chug it.
  • The group hear a scream on the 6th floor. Armand and Diamond head towards there, finding one of the Do Not Enter rooms opened. They go inside, despite soon enough, crew members close the door they entered, not realizing they were in.
  • After exploring the area of the door they entered, they find a violet room with nothing inside, a room with bookcases and a bathroom with a single toilet, all whilst hearing stomping nearby.
  • Diamond flushes the toilet. Nothing happens.
  • The two begin to remove all of the books from the bookcase. They eventually find a secret passage upon doing so, heading down it. They hear stomping again, and rush to a door, in which they find an abandoned laboratory.
  • Armand takes random experiments and throws them into his bag.
  • Eventually, the two find an exit, leaving in a trapdoor on the restaurant.
  • Armand looks for Leeya and gives her what is in his bag. Leeya receives watery mush and broken glass from Armand.
  • The lights on the 3rd floor go out.
  • TBA

Day 8 - Silence of the DolphinsEdit

  • The group wake up and assemble in the restaurant, finding the tables and the people to be gone, as silence fills the room. Upon looking for more people, Diamond enters the kitchen to find it completely empty.
  • The group find both the cafeteria and the other restaurants to be empty.
  • Jon enters the computer room, seeing it is also destroyed, just like previous people have seen and confirmed its destruction. He looks for working computers, but finds none.
  • LeShandria follows suit with Jon. Jon then leaves.
  • Wesley and Ruben begins exploring the 5th floor, as its lights go out.
  • Jon tries to open the doorknob to doors that have appeared on the second and first floors. As soon he does so, two gatling guns come out from the walls nearby and point towards him. He hears a beep, then another beep, and a third beep. He quickly leaves.
  • Nathaniel begins talking to a mirror.
  • John and Armand do the same thing Jon did, and face the same consequences. They quickly leave.
  • Hyoyeon enters the 5th floor as it is shrouded in darkness, despite feels someone bumping into her as she is entering it.
  • Himiko wakes up in the infirmary, to find Blake in the darkness. The lights then go back on.
  • Pyrargyrite finds Archie in a couch of the 5th floor. Jon is seen sitting with Archie.
  • Nathaniel finds a badly injured Himiko and a slightly injured Blake leaving the infirmary. Having nothing better to do, he decides to follow them.
  • Archie and Jon have a deep conversation.
  • Olga finds Talal alongside Dani, Jourdain, Mickey, Wesley, Ruben and John in front of Archie's door, as Wesley reads a piece of paper. Dani, Jourdain, Mickey, Wesley and Ruben then walk down the hallway and find water coming from underneath Jon's door.
  • As they open the door, more water flows out, and they notice a small note flowing with the water, it is written in an alphabet that, albeit recognizable, isn't understandable. The bathroom door is closed, while the rest of the room seems to be soaked in water.
  • Wesley reads the note, noticing it to be Atlantean/Atlantian. He only understands the words "I" and "You".
  • Mickey opens the bathroom door. He sees a bottle of vodka floating by the flow of water, and Jon, immersed into water, with his eyes closed.
  • Talal enters, pushing Mickey out of the way and rushing to the bathroom. With his Krav Maga skills, Mickey kicks Talal across the room.
  • Olga begins doing mouth-to-mouth to Jon, and he eventually wakes up.
  • Talal begins sobbing upon waking up.
  • Olga and Mickey notice faded scars on Jon's leg, as Jon begins to have flashbacks.
  • Upon checking on Jon again, Mickey sees a gun on his hand.
  • TBA

Day 9 - Eternal Nightfall of an LSD AddictEdit

  • The group wake up smelling something strange on the air. A familiar smell. They also notice Talal slept in front of Archie's door, not to mention, there is a huge hole on Mickey's door, even though it is made out of metal. As the group try to understand this, they hear growling coming from above.
  • Jon tries figuring out what spectrum the smell falls in, but can't tell as it is already gone.
  • The smell reminds Wesley of hospitals.
  • Jon heads to the 5th floor, and hears a large object dropping where the arcade should be in.
  • Mickey and Jon, cowardly leaving the scene, find Talal sleeping in front of Archie's door.
  • Kaffe and Armand decide to enter the 5th floor. As Kaffe enters the 5th floor, the lights begin to ficker. He can't spot anyone in the common room, which is where the stairwell leads to, but hears the sounds of something being constantly bashed onto a heavy, metallic object nearby the arcade. After a minute, the lights on the 5th floor also go off.
  • The lights on the 3rd floor go out. Archie opens the door for Ruben, Mickey, Wesley and Jon, as Wesley stops Talal from entering the room.
  • Archie opens the door, but Jon closes it. Archie then opens the door to his room again, as Wesley closes it. Archie grabs two objects, then leaves. Talal tries following Archie, but fails to do so. Wesley, Mickey, Ruben and Jon eventually head to where Talal is. They leave Talal there and head exploring. Mickey, Ruben, Wesley and Jon eventually reach the 5th floor. They feel a presence in the room.
  • Kaffe and Armand head inside of the arcade. As soon as they do so, they hear growling. They notice the knocked down machine, and soon realize the machines in the arcade are also pretty damaged. Upon closer look, they realize that there are signs indicating whatever did this went back to the hole. Kaffe goes inside, as Armand stands, aiming towards the hole. Kaffe heads inside and notices it to be some sort of library. There is dust and cobwebs all over the place, indicating it is abandoned. The books on the staircases nearby seem very large, old and heavy. There is a path between the bookcases leading left and another to the right. Kaffe sees a faint trail of some sort of liquid heading left. Kaffe follows the liquid trail. He heads towards the path on the left, and soon realizes that, in place of where a door should be, a huge hole that is around 3 to 4 meters tall and very large in widht is there. Books are laying on the floor due to the obvious causing of this hole. He notices the hole on the wall leads towards another part of the library. Kaffe heads in. He sees that the floorboards of this library are slightly damaged, as if something heavy fell on top of them. Kaffe spots some shelf towards the right. Upon getting there, Kaffe realizes there is glass on the floor of the shelf, indicating the shelf itself was broken. There are some small relics that don't really call out his attention on this shelf, but it looks as if two of these were taken. He shoves the rest in his bag. Kaffe manages to break several of them in process, none of them seem to be intact. Despite they don't seem relevant at all. There are several paths around, despite one specific has more broken floorboards. He reaches an area in which a hole is seen, despite he is too big to crawl through it. Kaffe, with a death wish, points his grenade launcher towards the hole. Soon enough, a huge explosion ensues. Kaffe is safe from this explosion, and the hole seems to have gotten bigger. However, this all happens in a few seconds. Soon, books begin falling from the bookcases nearby, they are gigantic. and the path towards the hole is locked once again. Kaffe can notice how the bookcases are going to fall and trap him inside of this library forever if he doesn't leave. Kaffe heads left. As soon as he does, he feels bookcases falling here and there, as books drop from high above, heavy books. Kaffe is hit by some books, injuring him in the head, but he manages to recomposure himself enough to keep running. However, one specific book hits him in the back, causing him to fall to the ground, nearby a damaged floorboard, which causes some of the wood to cut and bruise his left arm. Kaffe notices he can go left, forward and right, but all bookcases nearby are equally shaking and books fall down menacilly, despite the path forward has the biggest amount of books falling down. Kaffe can hear growling coming from nearby, either the left or the right side. Meanwhile, the group of 4 head to where Armand is, distracting him. Then they notice the door to the infirmary is open. Ruben, Wesley, Jon and Mickey head to the infirmary, as Alteros meets up with them.
  • Kaffe heads towards the right. As he does so, he notices several books fall on him at once, injuring him and hitting Kaffe straight in the head, causing Kaffe to be dizzy. The books tample him and there is now a pile of books on top of Kaffe. He can feel a bookcase nearby tilting, ready to fall. Kaffe, not wanting to be lynched by literature, manages to get from under the pile of books and crawls to the left. Soon enough, a bookcase falls, trapping him in this path. He won't be able to head back, but he can feel the bookcases inbetween his path to also start tilting. Kaffe soon realizes it might not have been a good idea to use the grenade launcher. He walks forward, dizzy, but does so. He crawls around the room, as books hit his back, his legs, and some on his neck. He is soon consumed by the books, as they begin to pile up on him and take him away from his breathing, however, just as he is about to lose consciousness, he feels something grabbing his hand. He is then dragged out of the pile of books, and feels being carried by someone. He opens his eyes, as he is put down, regaining his senses and looking around to see the hole, in which he entered this sector of the library, nearby, with a clear path towards it. Kaffe gets on his feet, running towards the exit. Books fall left and right, as the person that saved him gets in front of him, and he recognizes who it is. Armand, entering the hole, realizes the library is collapsing and the bookcase directly in front of the hole is tilting. This is when the two guys rush out of the left path, towards the entrance hole. Despite being dark, Armand soon realizes it was Archie himself who saved Kaffe, with a flaslight in hand and a roll of duct tape on the arm he is holding the flashlight. Armand quickly realizes that while distracted by the group, Archie could have entered the hole. Kaffe and Archie rush towards the entrance hole, colliding with Armand, as the bookcase falls and blocks the path to the abandoned library, forever. Growling and some cries of pain are heard inside, on the other side of the blocked hole, indicating whatever was inside is slowly dying. However, this path is now, as it seems, closed. Kaffe, sustaining several injuries so far, passes out. He probably needs medical care. And, like that, the lights on the 5th floor turn back on. Archie soon passes out.
  • Archie and Kaffe are taken to the infirmary, as Hyoyeon tries to treat them. Soon enough, the lights of all the other floors go out. Kaffe gets up and falls unconscious, as does Archie and Ruben. Wesley looks at an unconscious Ruben, as Wesley falls unconscious as well, falling on top of Ruben. Hyoyeon falls to the floor, as Jon, who desperately searches for oxygen tanks also collapses, hitting his head on the wall nearby. Armand falls to the ground, and Olga, despite putting on a doctor mask, also falls unsconscious. Blake enters, and after a while, he took falls into a slumber. Mickey tries his best, but falls with certainty on top of Wesley and Ruben. More bodies are heard dropping on the 5th floor, and soon enough, everyone passes out due to this strange smell.
  • TBA

Day 10 - Submarine!Edit

  • The group wake in the same spots as when they left off. Some asleep in the 5th floor, Talal and John sleeping in front of Archie's door and all wondering what happened. They can hear the sound of water leaking.
  • On the 6th floor, all Do Not Enter doors are open. Jon also notices the locked door on the 5th floor is unlocked. Soon, the group that went investigate find Leeya and Ivette come out of a room, meeting up with them. They state they have a key and rush to Ivette's room, finding a chest in front of it. Ivette tries to use the key, but it doesn't work. Meanwhile, Mickey investigates the door on the 5th floor and finds that it needs a key. He runs back to Ivette's room to get the key.
  • Himiko scavenges all medical supplies she can get from the infirmary. Meanwhile, Olga tries to get into one of the locked floors and fails.
  • Himiko, Blake and Nathaniel head to the front of Ivette's room, as Armand leaves. Talal and John realize there is a pool of water where the entrance to the first floor is located, the entrance is submerged.
  • The lights turn red and emergency signs state all passengers must head to the 6th floor.
  • Alteros goes to the 4th floor and finds an unconscious Olga, near a syringe and cloth, alongside Olga's bag. Alteros carries Olga and the stuff away.
  • Mickey hacks onto his computers and manages to get some voices from crew members, to which Ivette manages to mimic. She asks for volunteers to head into the fourth floor, a morgue, and has Wesley, Armand and John follow her. The four of them run to the fourth floor, and Ivette manages to enter the room with an altered voice. However, before all can enter, one of them closes the door on John, who ends up stuck on the outside.
  • The rest of the group reunite in the 6th floor and begin hearing explosions here and there.
  • Ivette throws a paper towards Wesley, who reads it and finds it to be a message indicating an artifact is nearby. Meanwhile, Mickey goes down the 5th floor's mysterious door with the key, and eventually finds himself to be inside of the morgue.
  • After going through some corpses, they find a decaying one with a green gem nearby. Upon taking it, they realize it is a sword with a green gem on it. A note warns that the tip of the sword must not touch human skin under any circumstances.
  • On the 6th floor, all emergency lights go out, seemingly going out in the other floors as well. Hyoyeon, who was checking on Olga, feels something being snatched. Upon using a flashlight, the group realize both Olga and her bag are missing.
  • Alteros meets up with Ivette, Armand, Wesley and Mickey, and tells them of another way to get into the lower floors.
  • Upon reuniting in the 6th floor, Alteros spots a door being closed. Jay opens it to see Olga sitting on a chair inside of a laboratory, with a bag under her chair being set on fire, two knives being stabbed through her arms onto the arm chairs and duct tape covering her face and mouth, alongside the rest of her body. They help her up.
  • Ivette steals Armand's bag and runs off. John runs after her, but bumps into someone, possibly the person that did what they did to Olga. John tries to look for them, but fails. Soon enough, John bumps into them again, but fails to catch them.
  • Ivette eventually returns with the bag, stating she only did it to shut up Armand.
  • The group go down emergency poles on the back of the submarine and reach the first floor, entering escape pods with Svetlana, Cesar and Ethel, alongside three other passengers. They take the chest with them.
  • Inside of the escape pod, Ally tries to stab Olga, as Talal helps Ally by lifting Olga's chin up. Leeya gets in front of the way and stops Ally, but ends up getting cut in the stomach. Aaron the pins down Ally.
  • TBA

Day 11 - Lieutenant and Commander: The Smaller Part of the WorldEdit

  • Cesar and Svetlana explain the situation to the group. According to Cesar, the trip's goal was, indeed, to find Atlantis. A lost city who has remained a mystery for so long. However, this wasn't the first trip to Atlantis. Nor wass it the second. Many have tried in the past to get to this miraculous city, and one of these expeditions was captained by Cesar and Svetlana themselves. Due to the works of a rival company that wanted to get to Atlantis first, Cesar and Svetlana, allegedely, never got to the city, whereas the other expedition did. According to them, this expedition made contact with the city, but none came out alive from there. Their wrecks were forever lost where Atlantis would be in. But, recent reports have made Svetlana and Cesar to believe that, indeed, others made it out alive in escape pods, carrying relics from the city, many, many years ago. Tales have scattered since then, and apparently, several of these relics ended up getting on your hands, which prompted many of you to start investigating on this mythical city. Jon figured out the alphabet from manuscripts, while Leeya and Talal managed to check the structure of the seafloor to determine the location of the city. Svetlana then explains the group was chosen due to how well they have been faring off with the current situations and due to the clues they have discovered. She then talks about how the main goal currently for the group is to find the remaining Relics of Atlantia, as it is what Angst is looking for currently.
  • Talal begins exploring the escape pod. The group find it has a leisure area, a kitchen area, a bathroom, rooms with items in each cabinet and some other places.
  • One of Wesley's plants are found dead.
  • The group bond amongst each other, as Mickey reads books on how to steal a man.
  • Olga bonds with one of the new passengers, finding her name to be Tina Pepper.
  • Aaron and Talal bond.
  • Blake and Diamond get ready to kill each other again. Tina Pepper is entertained by the death matches.
  • Olga bonds with Viktor, who was also one of the passengers.
  • Jon yells at Archie and leaves the leisure room.
  • LeShandria talks to Cesar, asking him to send her on a mission. Her and Blake fight over it and nearly kill each other before getting to the room Cesar assigned them to wait near. They enter it and find a countdown nearby. There are swimming suits and gear on the room, alongside a toiley. They quickly put them on before the countdown ends, as the floor opens up under them and they begin freefalling. As they are about to crash onto a metal ground, it opens up, and they fall in the sea. From an earpiece, they are told by Svetlana to look over some wreckage from a escape pod nearby.
  • LeShandria swims towards the escape pod, as Blake heads towards a rocky structure with a hole nearby. He notices something far ahead swimming towards him.
  • Talal is sent flying by Mickey's martial art expertise once again.
  • LeShandria enters the escape pod through a hole. Despite she constantly hears something else swimming inside, she only finds a backpack and a bag in the cockpit, despite she finds two dead corpses on the cockpit. Upon returning, she sees an eel swimming by, but manages to avoid it. Meanwhile, Blake enters the hole and finds a necklace at the bottom of it. The two then head back to the escape pod.
  • TBA

Day 12 - Twenty Thousand Thirsty Tales Under the SeaEdit

  • Tina Pepper states she has tea with her, and gladly pours some on the leisure room's table. She is seen drinking tea with the green-haired girl.
  • Jon fantasizes about scooping out Mickey's eyeballs. He then decides to go talk to Cesar, but LeShandria pushes him out of the way.
  • Nathaniel sits for tea with Tina Pepper and the green-haired girl. Tina Pepper, not happy with Nathaniel's attitude from the other day, doesn't properly greet him. Mickey then sits down for tea and gets a book on how to break sexual tension by Tina Pepper.
  • The Princess meets up with Aaron and has a dramatic acting dialogue with him.
  • Wesley finds Ruben to feel uncomfortable.

Day 13 - Blood SisterEdit

Day 14 - Letters to MauriceEdit

Day 15 - Death, Parrots and Catwalks Aboard the Croatian ExpressEdit

Day 16 - Requiem for an AngstEdit

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  • On Day 12, Pyrargyrite was separated from the group and received her own group: Pyrargyrite Group. She was reunited on Day 21 with the main group.
  • On Day 14, Olga was separated from the group and received her own group: Olga Group.
  • On Day 21, LeShandria and Diamond ran away from the group after killing Svetlana, receiving their own group: Rogue Group.