After the Dark: Zero Escape
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Season 46
People 15
Situation Sinking ship.
5 / 15
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After the Dark: Zero Escape is the forty-sixth season of After the Dark.


WendyZE NunoZE
OstianWendy LúdicoManao


Person Age Profession Traits Zodiac Sign Status
23 Sailor-in-Training Daughter of a sea captain. Sagittarius Survived
Is well-versed in astrology.
36 Drug dealer Spent 5 years in prison. Cancer Survived
Carries a pocket knife.
28 Hot dog vendor Dropped out of high school. Leo Survived
Has been classified with kymophobia.
49 Translator A scholar of European languages. Cancer Survived
Is confined to a wheelchair.
20 Hacker The pupil of a very well-known hacker. Cancer Survived
Is deaf-mute.
Peppermint Princess
22 Instagram blogger Known for controversial opinions. Sagittarius Deceased
Hour 7
Lowered into acid.
Can be very persuasive.
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35 Waiter Worked on cruises as a trainee. Libra Deceased
Hour 7
Boiled alive.
Wears rollerblades.
38 Magician Is a travelling performer. Capricorn Deceased
Hour 6
Impaled through the chest.
Surprisingly a strong swimmer.
54 Surgeon Made headlines after failing to deliver a promise. Aquarius Deceased
Hour 6
Is claustrophobic.
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Sean the Artic Fox
36 Uber driver Often bets in car races. Sagittarius Deceased
Hour 5
Bled to death.
Has been diagnosed with OCD.
57 Cop Is considered a veteran of the Police Force. Virgo Deceased
Hour 5
Stabbed in the head by June.
Was a good sprinter in his prime.
52 Banker Recently transferred banks after a major incident. Libra Deceased
Hour 5
Stabbed by Minyoung.
Skilled in mental arithmetic.
24 College student Is the child of an infamously strict judge. Aquarius Deceased
Hour 5
Impaled through the stomach.
Does parkour in their free time.
23 Therapist Has recently graduated college. Libra Deceased
Hour 5
Impaled through the neck.
Has superior flexibility.
44 Travel Agent Known for the best prices locally. Sagittarius Deceased
Hour 5
Skull cracked.
Carries a notebook & pen.


Picture Name (Age) Profession Trait(s) Description Status Fate
Fashion Designer Won numerous awards in the past. A blunt, sassy and bubbly lady who isn't afraid to say how she feels to your face. Her paranoia while at sea can get in the way of her usual personality, however! Survived Despite killing Caesar during her paranoia, Minyoung was motivated by the death of Olympia to uncover the mystery of the ship, and helped the group solved the combination to the safe, eventually escaping the ship with the rest.
Has heightened paranoia while at sea.
Inventor Has an exceptional IQ. A mysterious and intellectual individual known for their logic and common sense, even in the most dire of situations. They stay unusually calm in a crisis. Just who are they? Survived After taking a leading role in puzzles for the entire game, Rome wanted to know why their father held all of these people on the ship, and eventually was a big part in figuring out the whole truth behind the game.
Is non-binary.
Sit on me daddy
Fast-Food Worker Lives on the streets.. A slightly eccentric girl whose upbeat and positive attitude is appreciated by everyone. Hates jokes about sitting by the way, so don't think about it. She is also a kind soul who is not to be underestimated! Deceased
Hour 9
After being revealed as a mastermind and Roku's sister, Sitonmi vowed to unmask the Hooded Man, who turned out to be her father. In an act of revenge, she allowed the group to escape with her dying breath, set the incinerator room on fire, killing herself and Zero.
Is kleptomaniac.
Soldier Is a lesbian. A fearless soldier who has spent much of her life serving in the army for her country. She's a very proud person who can be relied on for her strength; despite losing an arm in an accident. Deceased
Hour 9
After being forced into the incinerator by Zero, Segen was forced to choose killing the group and escaping, or killing herself to let the group carry on. She chose to sacrifice herself, encouraging Sitonmi to take action in her last moments.
Has one arm only.



Hour 1:

  • Nineteen people are suddenly attacked from behind and knocked out with chloroform. The last thing they remember is seeing an eerie black mask with two circular crimson eyes. They all then wake up, realizing they are in a room with 18 other people; along with two big, imposing doors. One door has a red "3" painted on it and one has a big red "8". Each person also realizes they have a bracelet with an unique number/colour combo.
  • Everyone checks their bracelet and notes what number/colour they have. The sound of rumbling engines is heard from below, causing Minyoung to freak out as Zinnia explains they must all be on a boat.
  • People generally freak out, but the commotion is stopped by a voice announcing that their name is Zero over an intercom. Zero then begins to explain that the nineteen people are trapped in a sinking ship, and must escape before they die. He explains that the numbered doors are the key to getting through the ship; with the bracelets allowing the group to proceed. He explains that the digital root of a sum of a particular combination of bracelets will allow a group to proceed through a door if the digital root matches the number on the door. A minimum of six and a maximum of nine is permitted to go through a door at any one time.
  • Rome reveals they have a gray zero bracelet, causing some confusion, as the rest of the bracelets are numbered 1-9 and are either blue or red.
  • Zero also reveals that a bomb has been implanted in somebody's systems, and once they die, it will detonate, and will likely kill people who are in its' vicinity. He also explains that somebody has a Legacy Weapon, which can be used to kill the mastermind if that person is correct in their guess. He reveals that the ultimate goal is to seek a door that carries a nine, and that the group have nine hours to escape.
  • Everyone shows their bracelet in order to make a list.
  • Sitonmi begins freaking out majorly and spouting nonsense, ignoring Segen's attempts to calm her down. Sitonmi begins tugging on her bracelet, and soon enough, is shocked by a thousand volts in a blinding flash.
  • Rome tries to make the situation lighter by suggesting that everyone chooses a codename to refer to themselves by. Everyone agrees, choosing a codename to go by.
  • The group begins to discuss how to split up into the doors, with DNA suggesting a particular combination, to which people agree.
  • A note found in Dante's pocket explains how people should progress through doors using REDs and DEADs; and the rules are explained thoroughly.
  • Zinnia, Mercury, Gemini, Deux, Caesar, Max, DNA, Rome and Sean are decided to be the group that will proceed through the "3" door, and they all scan their bracelets. Rome pulls the lever, and the group enters one-by-one before the door closes.
  • They eventually find the DEAD and scan.
  • Minyoung, June, Petal, Infinity, Olympia, Segen, Roku, Dante and Lucky scan their bracelets and enter the "8" door, and it closes behind them. They also find the DEAD, and promptly scan.


  • This is the first season hosted by Wendy.