Secret Series: Yarborough College - Halls of Horror
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Secret Series: Yarborough College - Halls of Horror is the eleventh season of the Secrets Series.




Person Age Year Secret(s) Background Perception Status
"Gray Sowards"
16 First Year
  • Worked as an insider for the staff.

A stellar student with a clean-cut record. Daughter to a diplomat who is abroad practically year-round.

Liked Survived
"Dani McFarland"
18 First Year
  • Lied about her father dying.
  • Was sexually and mentally abused by Royce the previous year.
  • Had a panic attack and overdosed on Week 1.
  • Was blackmailed by Royce with a sex tape of her and Tristan after he forced the two into having sex.

Daughter to a noble Irish bloodline that owns large amounts of land. Dropped out halfway last year and returned this year to complete her education.

Mixed Opinions
"Nathaniel Svenson"
17 Second Year
  • Mr. Stevens' brother.
  • Blackmailed Wes.

An international student, son of the owner of a Swedish furniture company, IDEA.

Liked Survived
"Wesley Van Rompaey"
18 Second Year
  • Had people break into his dorm room several times.
  • Had an affair with Mr. Stevens.

An American of Dutch descent, spent part of his youth in New York. Has spent most of his life in boarding schools.

Liked Survived
ATD Manga
"Beckett Bonney"
17 Second Year
  • Was Dr. Grant's and Marie Cabochon's son.

A student with an unclear past. It is said he is from somewhere near the school.

Dating Constance.

Liked Survived
Mangatar Eve
Peppermint Princess
"Eve Upton"
18 Second Year
  • Had an affair with Dr. Grant.
  • Found the academy's master key.

A devout girl that comes from a religious family with connections to the automobile industry.

Neutral Survived
"Blaine Ayers"
18 Second Year
  • Received threats from Sunny.

A scholarship student from London. He is said to live in a problematic part of the city.

Neutral Survived
"Michael Spalding"
18 Second Year
  • Is claustrophobic.
  • Started up 'Yarborough Confessions'.

The son of a gourmet chef that runs a critically acclaimed restaurant.

Liked Survived
"Andrew Tanaka"
16 First Year
  • Is great at mimicking people and pretending to be them through cosplay.
The son of a diplomat. Has lived in Tokyo for most of his life. Neutral Survived
"Hollie Jernigan"
16 First Year
  • Owned a gun.
  • Received threats.
  • Caused Sunny's death.

Daughter of a controversial politician that has been criticised for his hunting trips and opposition to animal rights.

Mixed Opinions


Week 11
Stabbed by Aya.


Students Edit
Person Age Year Secret(s) Background Perception Status
Delia Brewer 17 Second Year Prone to headaches.

A bookish girl who is the daughter of a very famous plastic surgeon.

Neutral Survived
Constance Joiner 18 Second Year None.

An energetic girl that tries her best to get a kick out of sport in the un-sporty Yarborough grounds.

Dating Beckett.

Well Liked Survived
Barb Marchard 17 Second Year Received secret private classes from Mrs. Hale.

Kory's twin. Somewhat withdrawn and not very sociable. Known for being somewhat of a gourmet diner and being a diva about the subject.

Mixed Opinions Survived
Kory Marchard 17 Second Year Received secret private classes from Mrs. Hale.

Barb's twin. Somewhat withdrawn and not very sociable. Heir to a massive estate.

Liked Survived
Jerome Kwan 16 First Year None.

The son of the CEO of a rising corporation. A model, well-mannered student.

Liked Survived
Tristan Bannerman 17 First Year Had sex with Royce.Had sex with Dani.

Royce's best friend and a bit of his lapdog. They've known each other for years due to family connections.

Mixed Opinions Survived
Angel Hackett 16 First Year Feels very lonely.

A bit of a social outcast that holds a disdain for most of Yarborough's staff and students.

Disliked Survived
Odette Scrivener 16 First Year Can pick locks.

Has a very sick mother.

A nice, proper girl with an interest on journalism. Liked Survived
Royce Bowman 18 Second Year Had sex with Tristan.
Leaked a tape of Dani and Tristan having sex.

A big charmer that comes from one of the wealthiest families of bankers in the entirety of the world.

Extremely Hated Expelled
Aya Morrison 16 First Year Enjoys manipulating people.

A girl from a well-off family in London. Somewhat of a social butterfly and a tease.

Neutral Deceased
Week 11
Slit her own throat.
Sunny Milford 16 First Year Sent threats to Blaine, Hollie and Nathaniel.
Tried to kill Hollie.
Was obsessed with Aya.
An awkward, klutzy girl that is known for running a rather popular Tumblr blog. Slightly Liked


Week 6
Hit by a train.
Staff Edit
Person Age Secret(s) Background Perception Status
Mrs. Hale 48 Was drugged on Week 3.

Has a drinking problem.

The maths teacher. A vain woman that doesn't like the matter of age being brought up.

Neutral Survived
Miss Rowlandson 27 Knows many rumours about the school.

The business teacher. A Yarborough grad that likes dressing in masculine clothes. She was leading a successful career but chose to return to the school for some unexplainable reason. She also has restored the old greenhouse to it's olden glory, sometimes choosing to teach her classes in it.

Neutral Survived
Mrs. Patel 54 Has poor eyesight.

A zany and eccentric personage that holds three different Masters on Physics, Biology and Chemistry, thus the only science teacher needed for the entire school. Despite obviously being a genius, she seems to be limiting herself to teacher a bunch of sixth forms.

Neutral Survived
Mr. Stevens 28 Gave Wesley and Blaine alcohol.

Had an affair with Wesley.

The languages teacher. Having travelled and taught all over the globe, Mr. Stevens picked up several languages. He has a soft spot for East Asian, African and Scandinavian languages but usually limits himself to teaching the Romantic languages.

Liked Survived
Dr. Grant 45 Was Beckett's father..

Hired Portia as a hitman.

Killed Beckett's mother.

Had an affair with Eve.

Abducted Beckett, Constance and Eve and tried to kill them.

Set fire to the school.

Yarborough's headmaster. He likes specifically called by his title as Doctor, he has a PhD in Puritan literature. Somewhat full of himself, he took up the position of headmaster after teaching literature on an on-and-off basis for two decades. He still teaches literature but has made the class somewhat of a private club where he only invites people he believes are naturally inclined to it.

Hated Deceased
Week 13
Shot himself.
Portia 32 Was a hitman hired by Dr. Grant. A private security guard skilled in martial arts. Extremely fit. Was hired by Dr. Grant to keep watch over the school. Slightly Disliked Deceased
Week 10
Shot by Ingrid.
Kenny 61 Was Beckett's guardian, pretending to be his father.

The groundskeeper. Has worked at Yarborough for nearly 40 years. A quiet man that doesn't socialise much and keeps to himself.

Neutral Deceased
Shot by Portia.
Mr. Cabochon 31 Was drugged on Week 3.

Went missing on Week 5. Was hired by Ingrid to investigate the school.

The history teacher. An energetic young man that teaches in an unconventional and somewhat unprofessional manner.

New to the school.

Liked Deceased
Shot by Portia.


Location Description Notes
Yarborough College
A prestigious, elitist private institution dedicated to sixth form education. Well known for its expensive fees and small classes that result in less than 30 students a year. The few that do live in this boarding school are practically guaranteed to go to top universities and be desirable for employers worldwide.
  • Opened in 1972.
  • Previously the estate owned by a wealthy family that died out after its heirs perished in World War II.
The library has taken over what used to be rooms and hallways of Yarborough, as the original library was deemed too small. Students can find themselves going up stairways and abrupt doorways. There are random rooms such as one that has a disused typewriter sitting on a table, or one with large scrolls being stored inside an empty wine barrel.

The books featured in the library range from old novels and encyclopaedias owned by the previous owners of the estate to pieces written by both previous students and teachers. Some shelves feature pulp fiction novels, whilst another one has the complete collection of Russian Classics.

Small classrooms that only seat up to 12 students at a time, even though teachers only have 6 students at once most of the time. They've been remodelled in order to be modern and a more minimalist space of learning.

Teachers at Yarborough don't make use of timetables, but rather summon the students they wanna work with in the morning, trying out different combinations.

Study Room
A room that students can book in order to study or work on group projects together. It features a small collection of books related to the coursework. There is also a small table to the side with a coffee machine and some mugs.
Dining Hall
A large dining room with capacity for 40 people, despite the fact that it's use barely surpasses 20 people at a time. There is a self-serving bar that is filled with breakfast at 7:00, lunch at 12:30, and dinner at 18:00. Jars of water, milk or orange juice are provided accordingly to the time of the day.
Callahan Hall
The smaller room option for students. Located in the attic floor of Yarborough, the rooms were refurbished and modified so that they are modern. The rooms contain: a single bed, a desk, a chair, a lamp, drawers, a closet, a side table and a lounge chair.
Callahan Hall Bathroom
A communal bathroom located in either end of the hallways of Callahan Hall. They contain bathroom stalls, a row of sinks and mirrors and a separate shower room with a small changing area besides it.
  • Separated by gender.
Dr. Grant's Office
Dr. Grant's Office. TBA
  • Was broken into Week 3.
The school's kitchen. Staffed by two cooks that are not allowed to talk to the students It is pretty much out of bounds at all times.
  • Out of bounds for students.
Game Room
A large game room that offers leisure to whomever seeks it. There is a pool table, some darts and a box with worn table games and packs of cards.

There is also a small bar area with a mini-fridge that is stocked twice a week.

Frazier Hall
The rooms that is usually given to Second Years. It contains its own private bathroom (featuring both shower and bathtub), whilst also providing a slightly larger bed, more desk space and a walk-in closet.
The Gardens
The lush gardens that surround Yarborough, featuring different types of greenery that are kind to the eye. Streams and ponds are speckled around the gardens, with benches being dotted around for people to sit on.
Pladon Grove
A secluded corner of the gardens were birds usually feed. It is remote and quiet, providing the perfect location for a private conversation amongst its statues of birds.
Storage House
A building within the gardens where the groundskeeper keeps most of the tools required to upkeep the school grounds. The windows are blacked out and the door is locked at all times.
  • Locked: can only be accessed by the groundskeeper.
Miss Rowlandson's Greenhouse
Miss Rowlandson's coveted greenhouse. Said to have been in disrepair prior to Miss Rowlandson joining the school's staff. It grows all sorts of herbs, vegetables and berries, but it is usually agreed that nobody should mess around it due to Miss Rowlandson's strong attachment to it.

Once a year, Miss Rowlandson hosts a small dinner party with her top 6 students with meals cooked with whatever she has grown in the greenhouse.

  • Out of bounds for non-authorised people.
A village within walking distance from Yarborough College. Despite being rather small and having very little to do within it, the town is where most of Yarborough College's staff lives. It also has two places of relevance: a liquor shop that is known for selling alcohol to students and a pub called 'The Strange Squire', a hotspot for teachers during days where there is no class.
The Forest
A forest that connects to the gardens. Delving too deep into it might be dangerous since it is easy to get lost. In fact, in the past students have become lost in it, but were not in danger since the school's groundskeeper knows his way through the forest and can easily track down people after they are reported as missing.
Dronthstow Mill
An abandoned mill within the forest in the outskirts of Yarborough College. The only safe way to find it is following a small stream that passes near the Gardens.
Abandoned Graveyard
Rumoured to be somewhere within the forest...

Gallery Edit

Subjects Edit

Student Subjects
Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 Extra
"Gray Sowards" French History Business
"Dani McFarland" History Business French
"Nathaniel Svenson" Business German Literature
Wesley Van Rompaey Spanish Physics History
"Beckett Bonney" Business Chemistry French
"Hollie Jernigan" Physics Business History
"Eve Upton" Literature Biology Chemistry
"Blaine Ayers" History Spanish Biology
"Michael Spalding" Maths Business French

Timeline: Edit

First TermEdit

Week 1:


  • This season introduced rumours: a new mechanic similar to secrets where once a story of uncertain truth starts circulating the school. All rumours will be listed in the secrets column, but in order to differenciate them from confirmed secrets, they will be merely itilised. Once the season is over, all true secrets will be showcased in a normal font, whilst all fake rumours will be crossed off.